‘Big Bang Theory’ Stars Preview What’s Next After Sweet 200th Episode

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from a 200th partial of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, “The Celebration Experimentation.”]

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory celebrated a 200th partial in grand conform with a uncover first: a squad was allowed to chuck Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) a birthday party.

Typically rhythmical about his birthday, Sheldon reveals that his twin sister and her friends worried him as a child and going so distant as to tell him that Batman would be coming. That never happened and an desirous Leonard gets Adam West to come to a unit to applaud alongside a prolonged register of friends who caring about Sheldon.

Overcome by emotions with a clever uncover of support for him, Sheldon retreats into a lavatory and Penny — not Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and not partner Amy (Mayim Bialik) — winds adult being a one to comfort him. Their sell was a excellent instance of how distant both characters have come in a past 200 episodes, with Penny divulgence she would have been one of a meant girls who worried him though has now grown to caring about him unequivocally deeply.

The comical installment concludes with Sheldon forcing everybody in a organisation to share something — what they adore about him.

THR caught adult with a Big Bang Theory cast and creators during a show’s new 200th partial whack to get a dip on what to design from a nerdy family comedy going forward.

The Ring — and Beyond

Bialik tells THR that Amy’s believe that Sheldon has an rendezvous ring with her name on it “doesn’t unequivocally change things” for her. “They’ve unequivocally staid behind into their arrangement — that is to let things be.” Showrunner Steve Molaro agrees, observant that he “likes that it’s there” — alongside other stories a array has nonetheless to try including Howar’d dad, Penny’s mom and hermit and more. “I like that we can still do day to day, standard Big Bang episodes though there’s still large tent stick things appearing in a stretch and that feels nice,” Molaro says. “We’re always meditative about [adding those]; there’s no evident skeleton though I’d adore to accommodate all those people. We’ll see. When a time is right, infrequently we never know until we’re literally essay a book and afterwards we’ll lift a trigger on something, that is how it happened with Bernadette’s pregnancy.”

For his part, Parsons acknowledges Sheldon’s expansion from a former male child into a impression who improved understands emotions — and judging from a 200th episode, someone means to indeed feel them. “He’s still a child though he does have a partner and has started to feel these things,” he says. “They’ve all grown in opposite ways. We’ve attempted unequivocally tough to let these tiny moments of expansion occur though not let them boyant divided from a characters that we know and love. To me, that’s a balancing act that we work tough on.”

A Formal Ceremony?

Leonard’s mom (returning guest star Christine Baranski) seems to be a small bit miffed that her son eloped and deprived her of a grave wedding. As it happens, that’s something that Galecki hopes a array rectifies for Leonard and Penny. “I consternation if they competence have some arrange of rite for their commitment given they went off on their own,” he says. “I consider they competence bewail that. we wish that’s a case. I’d like to see their best friends and family applaud them. Not indispensably a marriage partial given how many times have we seen that though some arrange of ceremony.”

Mom and Pop Wolowitz

Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) was all smiles articulate about a Wolowitz family’s arriving addition. “I feel like I’m starting a TV family with my TV family and I’m vivacious about these storylines,” she says, warning that a pregnancy creates clarity for a couple. “When we consider behind to Wolowitz and how he was a large ladies’ male of a group, now he’s radically a many trained of a organisation — nonetheless a DNA of a uncover has stayed a same.” Helberg, meanwhile, records a pregnancy will force Howard to welcome a fact that a integrate unequivocally have no suspicion what they’re doing when it comes to being parents. “That is a usually way,” he says. “Howard wants to be a improved father than his father was, that will substantially be an engaging psychological tour for him.”

The actor also hopes that a pregnancy storyline will infer a ideal time for Big Bang to deliver Howard’s disloyal father. “I feel like something will occur [with Howard’s uncast dad]. I’ve listened opposite people mentioned — all of whom are brief comedians. I’ve listened Rick Moranis and Martin Short. Any short, inept comedian fundamentally means that we treasured them flourishing up, like those two, and they can potentially be Howard’s dad. we tiny my possess expansion to be some-more like Martin Short — we drank coffee and smoked cigarettes from a age of 6 given we suspicion we had to be brief to be that funny. You can’t go wrong with anyone like that. we wish we get to accommodate him and I’m certain it will be somebody brilliant.”

Meet a New Ladies’ Man

Inspired by his chemistry with Claire (Alessandra Torresani), Raj (Kunal Nayyar) pennyless adult with partner Emily (Laura Spencer) though regretted it immediately when a former reunited with her boyfriend. But that won’t stop Raj from resolutely going where he’s never left before: dating dual women during once. “The final integrate of seasons, ever given Raj has been means to pronounce in front of women, it’s been unequivocally fun. Emily and Claire are both going to be in a design — he’s going to try and date a dual of them. It’s about time a impression attempted to date dual women during a same time!” Nayyar says.

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