BIg Ang: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Celebrated With Emotional Eulogy — Read It Here

BIg Ang Eulogy

So heartbreaking! We mislaid Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola to cancer approach too soon. The incomparable than life existence star upheld divided Feb. 18 while surrounded by family and friends, who usually 4 days later came out for her funeral. Now we’re removing a demeanour during a touching acknowledgment that was delivered.

Big Ang was remembered at a Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn, NY Feb. 22, with a entertainment of her many friends and desired ones, as good as her Mob Wives costars Carla FaccioloRenee Graziano and Drita D’avanzo who served as her pallbearers. The beautiful eulogy was created by her friends Diane Morton-Gattulo and Vinnie Medungo, that he presented during a service. We have a whole reverence to Big Ang, so keep reading for some extraordinary stories about a beloved reality star.

At a ask of Big Ang’s family and that of Mob Wives creator and writer Jennifer Graziano, is pity a heartfelt speech in a entirety:

Today we accumulate to respect and applaud a chairman that tangible some-more than a dual disproportion “Big Ang,” though rather, Angela Raiola-Murphy, who we common utterly a opposite attribute with, than many people had.

I theory originally, we was ostensible to be partial of her team, aiding with this vast operation of being a existence TV star. Suffice to contend anyone who knew her careless inlet along with her family, namely her sisters and brothers, they immediately non-stop this hypothetical behind doorway into their private lives, and swept me into their family as one of their own.

I’ll never forget a day, when her sister Janine reserved me to go on what would eventually turn one of a initial ever appearances that we would accompany her on. It was to a book signing in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Now we wish we to suppose this scene…

We frequency knew anything about any other, and we was told to usually uncover adult in her drive and she would come out. we didn’t even have her dungeon phone series yet. we suspicion to myself, “these people are crazy! Some pointless child shows adult during a high form celebrity’s house, and no one in their right mind checked into anything about who we was or where we came from…” In her desirable and gaseous way, she came down a stairs of her home on Wagner Street and greeted me with a Moore cigarette in one hand, and an excessively vast bedazzled I-phone in a other. With her sunglasses on and a red strain in her hair she gave me a smirk, and threw a keys during me to AJ’s Escalade that was installed with over 500 books and said, “Let’s go, you’re driving!”

This would be a initial of many adventures that we had a payoff of participating in.

Needless to say, any tour became bigger and improved (no joke intended), and some-more showy from there on out. we remember observant to myself, “What did Janine get me into!” we theory we was a ideal fit for a assign of being a amicable media director, a personal handler (for not usually her, since eventually her girlfriends would accompany us on these journey’s, and we all know how fun they are), a valet, a sell salesman, a lavatory attendant, a confidence guard, that worked out utterly good deliberation a unequivocally conspicuous distance differences, her manicure consultant, and one of a smarts in any discerning witted, quick income creation intrigue we could come adult with. we was even her partner manager some nights by shutting a Monkey and counting a income after a large night of business and partying. Basically we was, and still am, a immature child who lives during home with his mom and father, and had no one to answer to after being out with Angela from dusk to sunup. My grandmother even called her my fiancée during one point. It was a unequivocally committed relationship.

But we digress…

To know Angela was to adore Angela. She was not a nauseating and overly sexual type. In fact that done her worried if we “cramped her style.” If we were a good time, and fun encourage like her; that was all of a adore she indispensable to share with you. Her actions spoke volumes to explain usually how BIG she loved.

Angela was a form to give of herself time, and again. In a unequivocally brief time of her luminary entrance into her life, she paid it brazen some-more times than anybody we know, substantially improved than many of today’s A-list names that have many some-more than she ever did. Charity and amiability were dual of a best characteristics and qualities that Angela embodied.

Along with her longtime crony Jennifer Patafio, affectionately famous as “Little Jen,” a dual made a pleasing classification called Big Ang’s Angels, that done a disproportion in a lives of any sold it touched. The idea of this munificent bid was to yield aid, and financial service to those in need. Angela would act fast on any and any ask that would come her or Jen’s way.

The recipients of her munificence and selflessness were not usually Staten Islanders ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, though also Brooklynites, extended family members of life prolonged Howard Beach friends, families in a Rockaways, and even some habitants of a Jersey coastline. She privately baked dishes for people, gave wardrobe to children, gathering kids to school, and even gathering a truckload of washer and dryers out to those who indispensable them.

Some other efforts that she done it her business to extract in was to visit, and take students with special needs from a Hungerford School on selling sprees. One lady in sold referred to Angela as her best friend, after Angela bought her half of a wardrobe in a Strawberry Store.

She worked extensively on lifting supports and recognition toward a quarrel opposite breast cancer annually as a champion member of a Doll Face Diva’s Making Strides team. Because of her help, they are one of, if not a TOP fundraising teams in a state of New York for a American Cancer Society.

There wasn’t a gift or means too large or too tiny for Angela to lend a assisting palm to. She never incited anyone down, unless she was out of town, and still in good faith done a financial concession to that means or foundation. Many of times we privately accompanied Angela on prolonged widen evenings of 3 paid appearances, and she would stop during a gift eventuality or personal cause, even if it were for usually a half hour, un-paid and lend her services of assembly and nod with fans to lift income and give support.

If someone looking to horde an eventuality had no superintendence or where with all to put it together, Angela not usually non-stop adult her Drunken Monkey to horde a eventuality giveaway of charge, though she also called on Little Jen and her sister Janine to lift out all of a specific sum in rising a event. I, too, was always a DJ giveaway of assign for any means that she believed in. If Angela upheld it, we all did!

One of a initial encounters we had with Angela was during a assembly in her sister’s home organizing a fundraiser for a small child named Philip Okapa who eventually upheld divided from a mind tumor. That’s when we knew that Angela was approach some-more than Big Ang, a existence radio star. She did all in her energy to give comfort and assist to this small boy. With a income they raised, they were means to give that child a correct and pleasing burial.