Bhushan Kumar indicted of passionate misconduct, T-Series authority denies allegation

bhushan kumar indicted of passionate misconductbhushan kumar indicted of passionate misconduct Bhushan Kumar was indicted of seeking for passionate favours in lapse of roles by an unknown Twitter account.

T-Series authority Bhushan Kumar was on Friday indicted of passionate misconduct. An unknown Twitter user indicted Bhushan of seeking for passionate favours in lapse for roles.


Bhushan Kumar, however, has denied a claim in a statement, that reads, “I am confounded and anguished to know that my name has been dragged in this metoo by some unknown person(s). The allegations opposite me are bad on a face of it. we have enjoyed an exquisite repute and have always confirmed professionalism. The chatter has been used as a apparatus to denounce me and assail my reputation. we have taken this claim really severely and camp a censure with a cyber dungeon of a Mumbai Police to lane a puzzling people(s) whose chatter handles have left within seconds of uploading a antagonistic tweet. I’ll take all such actions as we will be legally advised.”

Aamir Khan recently quit Mogul, a prolongation underneath a ensign of Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series, in a arise of an progressing claim of passionate nuisance opposite a executive of a film Subhash Kapoor. He was indicted of seduction by actor Geetika Tyagi in 2014. Mogul was a biopic on Bhushan Kumar’s father Gulshan Kumar.

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