Beyoncé Begging Kim Kardashian For Advice On Having A Baby Boy

With rumors swirling that Beyonce competence be pregnant, schooled EXCLUSIVELY that she’s failing to supplement a baby child to a family. To improved her chances, she went to new new mom Kim Kardashian for advice! See what she told her, here.

Beyonce, 34, is anticipating to giver her hubby Jay Z, 46, a son, and her baby girl Blue Ivy, 4, a brother. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she’s going to Kim Kardashian, 35, for the recommendation she needs on lifting a small boy. Here’s what Kimmy told her.

Queen Bey wants a baby! There have been reports that she’s already pregnant, interjection to some *suspicious* wardrobe choices, and if it hasn’t happened yet, she positively wants it to! “Beyonce’s really perplexing to get pregnant,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. And not usually any ol’ baby. A masculine one. “HOVA has given her all she’s wanted in life and she wants to give him a ultimate present every father dreams of – a son!” You can buys Bey’s manuscript RIGHT HERE.

Yonce has incited to her companion that usually recently squeezed out a child for recommendation on a situation. “She’s been on a phone with Kim constantly, seeking about her pregnancy with Saint,” a source continued EXCLUSIVELY to “But even some-more than that, B’s been interrogating Kim about what it’s like to have a son and seeking about Kanye and Saint’s interactions.” Seems like Beyonce is shaken about dual alpha males in a house!

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Not to worry, Kim really put Bey during ease. “Kim told B that while Kanye loves both Saint and North equally, there’s something enchanting that happens to him when he holds Saint,” a source explained to EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s a bond that usually a father has with his son and Kim explained to Bey that she wants to cry each time Kanye binds a boy.” Um, if that’s not a cutest thing you’ve ever heart, your heart is done out of ice. Good luck, Beyonce! We wish we get your small child soon!

What do we think, HollywoodLifers? Do we have any age-old tricks to assistance Beyonce safeguard she has a boy? Let us know in a comments! You can also watch some-more Beyonce news videos RIGHT HERE.