Ben Affleck is dating an SNL producer, ‘it’s some-more than a fling’ & there are photos

I theory we have a answer as to that outlets Ben Affleck uses and that outlets his disloyal wife, Jennifer Garner, takes advantage of. (It’s also probable that a whole account has gotten divided from them during this point.) Just final week, US Magazine ran a cover story claiming that Ben and Jen were on a “Secret Bahamas Reunion” and heavily suggesting, on a cover during least, that a settlement was possible. Then a dual of them were seen during a Fourth of Jul event with their kids, chatting and looking really cozy.

I had a possibility to review a full story in US and while transparent that they’re not together again, US does make it sound like Ben has really many gotten in line. Ben has changed to a let palace down a travel yet comes behind to take a girls to propagandize and spend time with his youngest child, Sam. They also have “family dinners during night” and a source tells US Magazine that Ben wanted to reunite with Jen after he got sober. “He wanted to change and uncover her he is committed to giving her what she wants.” However “they’re not a integrate by any means” and are “working on their relationship” for a consequence of their family, not for romance.

US’s story is flattering many what we’ve listened to date, and it sounds like it’s from Garner’s side. As I’ve mentioned, US mostly has stories from her perspective. Only now comes E! with disdainful paparazzi photos of Ben out with a lady they explain he’s dating, an SNL writer named Lindsay Shookus. You can see a photos on E!’s site. Here’s a story, with more on E!

The Oscar-winning actor is dating Lindsay Shookus, a writer during Saturday Night Live.

A source tells us that a dual are still really many “in a early stages” of their attribute and recently met adult while he was in London for work. We’re told that a twin held a display of Sam Mendes’ play Ferryman final week during their outing abroad.

“It’s some-more than a summer fling,” a insider shared. “They are carrying fun and caring for any other. It’s early and they are holding it slow.”

And while a new integrate has finished their best to keep things underneath wraps in a commencement stages of their romance, a dual stepped out on a city in Los Angeles Thursday night for a discerning date night.

Both Affleck and Shookus have nonetheless to endorse their relationship.

[From E! Online]

She looks like Ben a little, like they have a same facial features, that’s something we notice with a lot of couples. She’s substantially intelligent and humorous as ruin if she works during SNL, they expected have a same domestic views and a lot to discuss. we googled her and she’s an Emmy winner and has also been a writer on 30 Rock. She has a lockdown on her amicable media, if she even uses it, so we couldn’t find many else about her, solely that she’s from outward Buffalo, NY, where we went to school. So we have motionless we like her. we also like that he’s picked someone who is age suitable with a good career, that is surprising. This is Affleck though, he’ll f-k this adult shortly enough. (Update: Jezebel has her wedding proclamation from 2010, we assume she’s divorced now, along with a news that she’s 37 and has been named one of a many absolute women executives by Billboard.)

Also, how overwhelming would it be to see Jennifer Garner step out with a new man? we would eat that sh-t up.

The design of Shookus on E!’s Instagram, below, is 10 years old. Here’s a link to a strange on Getty.

Live from New York it’s Saturday Night Live writer Lindsay Shookus who has taken Ben Affleck off of a market! Link in bio for a sum on this new relationship. 💕

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