Becky Lynch On The Women’s Division Not Having A Hell In A Cell Match, Being Off The Card

Source: Digital Spy

Becky Lynch spoke with Digital Spy on a series of wrestling topics. Here are some of a highlights:

If a women’s multiplication took a step behind since they don’t have a Hell in a Cell compare this year:

“No, we don’t consider so, personally. Say for instance we had Bray Wyatt in Hell in Cell final year – we know he’s not in a division, though if he’s not in a Hell in a Cell compare this year, it’s not a step backwards. Not for him or for a code or for a company. It’s only a rotation. You can’t overdo it, as well. Or do it for a consequence of, ‘Oh there’s a Women’s Revolution so they have to have a Hell in a Cell match.’ we consider that’s rapacious during straws and that’s forcing things. Unfortunately, Charlotte and Natalya, they haven’t had a longest storyline in this business going into Hell in a Cell. Charlotte has a new impression and Natalya has a new impression and we’re saying a opposite component of both of them. To put them into a Hell in a Cell right off a bat, where do we go from there? So no, we don’t consider it’s a step retrograde during all to not have a women’s Hell in a Cell match.”

Becky Lynch On Wanting A TLC Match And Women's Tag Titles, Facing The Other Four Horsewomen

Not being on a Hell in a Cell card:

“To me, it always feels like a missed goal. we feel like I’m on a football field, I’m a striker and we missed a goal. In WWE things always change and there’s still hope, though you’ve only got to learn to float it. You always wish to be on tip and we always wish to be carrying pay-per-view matches and we always wish to be carrying classics. That’s always my idea and my aspiration – keep a eye of a tiger and keep looking forward. Who knows? By this time subsequent year, we could have categorical evented WrestleMania with a Four Horsewomen. You’ve always got to keep your eye set on a ultimate goal.”

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