Basketball Will Finally Allow Players To Wear Hijabs During Games!

basketball players can now wear hijabs

What a smashing development.

On Thursday, it was suggested that a International Basketball Federation, also famous as FIBA, has altered a position on a emanate about players wearing hijabs during games. While a eremite headdress was formerly criminialized on reserve grounds, a classification has given reviewed a process after initial creation exceptions for players behind in 2014.

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Well, after a ruling physique met during a association in Hong Kong, FIBA concluded to a new order that allows athletes to wear headgear, as prolonged as there is no risk of damage and it matches a team’s uniform colors. AH-Mazing!

FIBA addressed a order change in a matter on their website:

“The new order comes as a outcome of a fact that normal dress codes in some countries — that called for a conduct and/or whole physique being lonesome — were exclusive with FIBA’s prior headgear rule.”

We’re certain players opposite a creation are anxious with this change. *Snaps*

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