Barcelona disturbed about Premier League

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Premier League is a biggest opposition – Barcelona trainer Josep Maria Bartomeu

The Premier League is a bigger opposition to Barcelona than Real Madrid, says Josep Maria Bartomeu – trainer of a La Liga champions.

The 20 English top-flight teams will share £5.136bn for live domestic TV coverage of matches from subsequent season.

“Premier League teams will have an implausible financial conditions from now on and we are worried,” Bartomeu told BBC sports editor Dan Roan.

Barcelona face Arsenal in a Champions League on Tuesday.

Luis Enrique’s side go into a initial leg of a last-16 tie during a Emirates dominant in 32 joining and crater games and aiming for rare back-to-back Champions League titles.

‘We wish to keep a talents’

Spain’s tip dual teams – Barca and Real – formerly negotiated their possess TV deals, though have now been stopped from doing so underneath a new Spanish law.

It means new manners will see rights to uncover La Liga pooled and sole collectively, bringing it some-more in line with a Premier League – that will see a bottom bar still acquire £99m subsequent season.


Josep Maria Bartomeu became Barcelona trainer in 2014

He added: “The Premier League is a best football competition. It has a many seductiveness for fans and many revenues. They are doing things good and gripping teams in a foe where everybody being equal is of seductiveness for everybody.

“We have opposite budgets in Spain and it would be formidable for someone like [current Premier League leaders] Leicester to be tip of a league.

“Our rivals are a Premier League, they are a large adversaries. We have to do a best to boost a revenues and a financial conditions to make a talent of a teams stay with us.

“That is since we am so disturbed and we are operative on this. We wish to keep a talent during home.

“I know a players are in hold with other clubs, it’s normal. None of a players pronounced they wish to leave. Most get improved careful offers, though a players are not in Barcelona for a money, they are there since of a football and a fans’ commitment.”

‘Pep has really good ideas for football’


Pep Guardiola won 14 vital titles in 4 seasons with Barcelona

This summer, ex-Barcelona trainer Pep Guardiola will take over during Manchester City. The Spaniard won 14 trophies in 4 years during a Nou Camp.

City’s arch executive officer Ferran Soriano and executive of football Txiki Begiristain both formerly worked during Barcelona.

“I don’t consider City are replicating anything,” pronounced Bartomeu. “Like a lot of clubs in a world, they have a plan to make a bar grow.

“Some of their people used to be with us during Barcelona and they are bringing their knowledge to a club. This is normal since in Europe there is a transformation of professionals from one to another.

“Pep will do good during any club, he is a really good manager and did a illusory pursuit during Barcelona. He was in a personification locus for years and we had a payoff of operative with him for dual years. He has really good ideas for football that he brought to Bayern and now City.

“They are not copying, they are expansion of an thought and Pep will do it great. The Premier League will have a advantage of carrying one of a best coaches in a world.”

‘Incredible trident’


Barca’s ‘trident’ of Messi, Neymar and Suarez has scored 91 idea so distant between them this season

Barcelona’s South American front 3 of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez have scored a towering 91 goals so distant between them this season. Argentine Messi has 27, Brazilian Neymar 23 and Uruguayan Suarez has notched 41.

Barcelona are now tip of La Liga, 8 points transparent of Atletico Madrid in second.

“Right now, we are happy since we have a best players in a world,” pronounced Bartomeu. “Messi is with us, Neymar is an implausible actor of a destiny though Suarez brought a change to them. Together, this trident is incredible.

“The fans of Barcelona have never seen players do this: how they suffer playing, a loyalty they have between them and a locker room. Suarez is one of a keys to that. We are really happy with him, we knew he was an implausible actor and he has been improved than expectations.”

New name for a Nou Camp?


Extension skeleton for a Nou Camp will see a stadium’s ability boost from 99,354 to 105,053

Real Madrid surfaced Deloitte’s Football Money League for 2015 – a list of a tip earning clubs put together by a veteran services firm’s sports business group.

Real’s 577m euros gain (£439m) put Barcelona into second place with 560.8m euros (£426m), with Manchester United in third on 519.5m euros (£395m).

But Bartomeu pronounced his idea is to strech 1,000m euros (£780m) annual income to “develop a bar and make it bigger”.

He pronounced that in a subsequent 12 months, Barcelona might confirm to have “title rights holders” for a Nou Camp to assistance lift 420m euros (£327m) to remodel a famous track and boost a 99,750 capacity.

Bartomeu pronounced there “may be controversy”, though that all pivotal decisions “would be voted on”.

Tax rascal ‘not a Barcelona problem’

One off-field emanate that has led to conjecture that Barcelona’s tip stars will leave Spain is problems with tax.

Defender Javier Mascherano is approaching to equivocate jail notwithstanding revelation taxation fraud, while associate Argentina general and universe actor of a year Messi faces trial alongside his father in a summer over taxation rascal charges.

Team-mate Neymar has denied any tie with allegations of crime and fraud surrounding his send to Barcelona. In a apart taxation rascal box in his local Brazil, a striker has had $50m (£34.5m) of assets solidified by a court.

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Lionel Messi scores vast idea in Barcelona training

Asked about a cases, Bartomeu pronounced Barcelona had “not done any mistakes, it is a private problems of a players”.

He claimed many of a players in Spain had been “in taxation review” in a final few years and had paid additional taxes, though argued it was a “responsibility of their taxation advisors if they do things rightly or incorrectly”.

Champions League wildcard a possibility?

Barcelona won their fifth Champions League climax final season, though what would occur if they didn’t validate for a foe one season?

“Sometimes, for a seductiveness of football, since not give wildcards like in tennis,” says Bartomeu. “Sometimes a tip players don’t validate and are given wildcards for a interest. This can occur in football. That is a preference of Uefa.

“Sometimes, clubs have a bad deteriorate and it is a large punishment to not play in a Champions League. We need a stronger Champions League and some-more and some-more seductiveness for a football fans and to make it some-more competitive.

“The Champions League is a biggest foe and many critical one.”