Barack Obama’s Opinion Of ‘Bullshitter’ Donald Trump Is Even LOWER Behind Closed Doors! See What He Said To His Friends!

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Barack Obama might be considerate to his sinister inheritor in a open eye — though behind sealed doors, he’s only as fed adult as a rest of us!

Two of Obama’s friends of spoke to People for a new cover story on a former POTUS and Michelle Obama adjusting to their post-White House life, that includes a leisure to be straightforward when vocalization about a new President!

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While Obama has never been Donald Trump‘s biggest fan, a former Commander-in-Chief had an even reduce opinion of a businessman than he led on during choosing season.

When describing an choosing night phone call with Trump to his friends final November, Obama pronounced of a newly inaugurated President:

“He’s zero though a bullshitter.”

Yup, that’s about right.

But how has Obama’s opinion altered given Trump took office? The answer, according to one source, isn’t surprising:

“Well, it hasn’t gotten any better.”

Ha! We’d LOVE to hear Barack’s thoughts on a existence show/espionage thriller Trump has incited a Oval Office into.

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Though a 55-year-old aged is positively “concerned” by Trump’s shenanigans, he’s still confident since adults aren’t submitting to a Big Cheeto. A third source tighten to a politician said:

“He’s deeply endangered with what he’s seen. But he’s also confident and heartened that adults aren’t only examination it occur though enchanting with neighbors and inaugurated member during city halls.”

Sounds like he hasn’t mislaid a “hope” from his 2008 debate slogan.

Then again, it’s easy to keep a balmy showing when you’ve been windsurfing for a past 3 months!

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