‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: All Hell Breaks Loose When Danielle L. Goes After Dean

Here come a waterworks! There was a LOT of tears on a Aug. 21 partial of ‘Bachelor In Paradise.’ From a initial rose sermon to Danielle L swooping in to take Dean from Kristina, things got a tiny wild.


Tensions were regulating VERY high this week on Bachelor in Paradise! We’re now 3 episodes into a mellow on Aug. 21, and we FINALLY got to see a rose ceremony! But a genuine play came after, when Danielle L. AKA D-Lo arrived on a island and threw one of a strongest family into primitive chaos! Read on for a full recap. Click here for pics of BIP mellow 4!

So let’s start with a rose ceremony. Honestly, we weren’t unequivocally bewildered with how it all went down, with one exception. Earlier in a night, Adam arrived and took Raven out on a date. She seemed graceful accessible with Ben Z, so we were doubtful that she finished adult giving her rose to Adam! Luckily, Danielle M saved Ben from rejecting by giving him her rose. Oddly, Amanda gave Robby her rose, even nonetheless she denied him a kiss. Dean warned Kristina that he wanted to behind down before a ceremony, so she had a choice to let him go home, yet she gave him a rose anyway. Despite some hapless attempts to tighten down a girl, Vinny, Alex, Iggy, and Nick were sent home.


Heading into a successive day, Dean and Kristina were seen by a ban as “coupled up,” roughly as many so as Taylor and Derek. However, thereafter D-Lo shows up. Literally any male is drooling over her, yet she already seems to be upheld set on picking Dean for her date. He accepts a date with no hesitation, that freaks Kristina out, BAD! He seemed to be involved about critical her, and talked to her before a date explanation her he couldn’t wait to get behind and hang out with her.

However, thereafter he spent a day ATVing with D-Lo, and even kissed her! When she seemed awkward, he told her not to feel bad for Kristina. Then he comes back, tells Kristina he missed her, and reassures her that he has crafty feelings. Everything seems cool, until he gets adult from cuddling with Kristina by a heat to give D-Lo a half-birthday cake and coquette with her in front of everyone! Poor Kristina was left in tears, and a shake was so real. Honestly, we guess Rachel Lindsay finished a vast mistake nixing Dean given he seemed so sweet, yet now he’s arrangement a f*ckboy actor side we aren’t affinity one bit! We’ll usually have to wait until tomorrow to see if he can spin it around.

HollywoodLifers, do we cruise Dean should hang with Kristina or go with D-Lo? Let us know!

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