Baby Girl on a Way for Home Town Hosts Ben and Erin Napier

Ben and Erin Napier‘s Home Town is about to get a new addition!

The HGTV hosts are awaiting their initial child, a daughter they will name Helen, they teased on Instagram Sunday.

In a blog posted that same day, Erin, 32, minute a couple’s tour toward parenthood.

“She’s a lady and we will name her after my grandmother,” wrote Erin, who suggested to readers that she is roughly 7 months pregnant. “My request for Helen is that she will be dauntless and kind.”

“I urge that she will not be bullied a approach we was, and that she will be a guardian of a ones who are,” adds a mom-to-be. “I urge that she will learn that from her father, a guardian who loves a people in his life so well.”

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Brooke Davis

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Erin’s vehement post reveals a impulse she found out she was pregnant on Mother’s Day — and she admits that apropos a primogenitor is something she was fearful of for a prolonged time.

“I prayed that God would finally give me a enterprise to be a mom that was stronger than my fear,” Erin recalls of Mother’s Day 2016. “After church, we took a prolonged travel around a area checking on a swell of a houses from deteriorate 1. We were walking opposite Gardiner Park when we told Ben, ‘I consider I’m prepared to start thinking about a baby. we don’t wish to be fearful anymore.’ ”

“He picked me adult and toted me by a park, kissing my forehead, my cheeks, my lips,” she writes. “He told me, ‘Whether we do or we don’t, I’ll be happy as prolonged as I’ve got you.’ ”

Brooke Davis

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Erin’s post ends with a honeyed summary for Ben, 34: “Every night, he pulls a covers over his head, and moves down beside my belly,” she shares. “He talks so low we can’t hear, prolonged talks with Helen, only a dual of them. Every morning, he does a same.”

“Thank we for creation me a mother, Ben,” she concludes. “Thank we for your heart and your adore that’s large adequate to lift Helen and we both, and for holding my palm each step of a way.”