AWFUL! Muslim Woman Wearing ‘I Come In Peace’ T-Shirt Kicked Out Of Donald Trump Campaign Rally For No Reason!

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This is awful!!!

A Muslim lady in South Carolina was kicked out of a Donald Trump convene on Friday night, with no apparent logic behind it.

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The woman, Rose Hamid, after spoke to CNN, revelation them that she came to a convene wearing a t-shirt that review “I Come In Peace,” and was there to, in her difference (below):

“I came to a convene to let Trump supporters see what a Muslim looks like.”

But she pronounced that in center of a debate debate and rally, people in a throng starting branch opposite her, cheering secular epithets until she was ejected from a eventuality by Trump’s confidence team.

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As she was being ejected, Trump told a crowd:

“There is loathing opposite us that is unbelievable. It’s their hatred, it’s not a hatred.”

Watch some-more on this AWFUL story (below):

Hamid herself even spoke to CNN about this distress (below):


Just in box we indispensable another reminder of because The Donald is a worst.

[Image around CNN.]

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