Australian loses 22 pounds only by eating singular food

A Melbourne, Australia, male who’s dealt with a lifelong onslaught with food has vowed to eat zero though potatoes for a year in an try to remove weight and urge his health.  So far, he’s mislaid 22 pounds from his 332-pound frame.

“I wanted to change a approach we suspicion about food so that it’s not unequivocally determining my life. Food is fuel kinda thing,” Andrew Taylor, 36, told

Taylor is documenting his experience, that he’s job “Spud Fit,” on amicable media.

The father-of-one is permitting himself use of sauces and seasonings so his diet to raise his spud dishes, will not use oil, and will concede himself to eat as many as he wants to equivocate hunger, according to

“I’ve enjoyed it, many to my surprise,” he told “I’m feeling extraordinary — really, unequivocally good. I’ve been sportive more, I’m full of energy.”

Taylor had blood tests taken 6 days into a challenge, that he claimed had “pretty good” results, 9news reported.

Medical experts remonstrate with this singularly focused diet, observant that long-term, bowel cancer could be an issue.

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“There’s no one food that gives we all of a nutrients that we need to support your body,” Dr. Joanna McMillan, an envoy for Diabetes Australia, told 9news. “[Mr Taylor] will be removing copiousness of carbohydrates though not fat and protein [or] nutrients. He’ll tumble brief on iron, zinc, calcium, iodine, omega-3 fats, antioxidants and several vitamins. He’ll be iron-deficient, potentially Vitamin C deficient. He’s not removing adequate soluble fibers unless he’s eating [potato] skins, so he might be disposed to constipation and presumably hemorrhoids.”

Taylor disagrees, claiming he had finished investigate and is undergoing a diet with a blessing of his doctor, who is a competent dietitian.