Austin Stowell Ends Nina Dobrev Romance After Sexy ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Grinding Dance With Tim Tebow?

Austin Stowell Ends Nina Dobrev Romance After Sexy 'Lip Sync Battle' Grinding Dance With Tim Tebow?

Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell have ended their relationship after usually 7 months. Is Nina’s voluptuous bumping and harsh all over Tim Tebow on “Lip Sync Battle” a reason a insane Austin called it quits?

The former TVD singer was slithering adult and down Tim Tebow’s physique as she sang Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” Is it fluke that Nina and Austin pennyless adult someday in early February? Would we censure Stowell for being upset, even jealous? If your partner was doing THAT on inhabitant radio wouldn’t we stop and think, “What a heck!? That’s MY lady! This is only not acceptable!”

Did a unsuitable turn get incited adult even aloft when Nina donned a cheerleader outfit and achieved OMI’s “Cheerleader” while jumping around like, well, a cheerleader? Did Dobrev intentionally collect those songs in an bid to charm a former NFL quarterback?

Oh to be a fly on a wall when Austin Stowell and Nina Dobrev talked about a Battle drama! Stowell was substantially bubbling insane since he felt totally humiliated. Did a actor only let lax on Nina and a yelling compare escalated into a breakup?

Interesting how Nina was though Austin during Super Bowl 50 – only 3 days after a hot, hot, prohibited “Let’s Get It On” and “Cheerleader” opening for one hunky Tim Tebow for a whole universe to see.

Poor Nina spent Valentine’s Day with her gal pals – a singer common a print on Instagram with a caption, “Sunday Funday #HappyGALentines Day.” You need to be flattering dissapoint to mangle things off with your partner only a week or dual before a many regretful holiday of a year!

Wait, we missed it? You didn’t hear that Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell are no longer a couple? A integrate of tweets between a integrate were a initial clue. Then mixed news outlets reported that Nina is indeed once again a singular lady.

Of course, a common “their schedules got in a approach of intrigue though they sojourn friends” dissection matter is creation a rounds.

If we wish to make a attribute work, it doesn’t matter how most your schedules conflict. Which leads to a doubt – was Austin flustered by Nina’s charming dance for Tim Tebow that Stowell pronounced buh-bye to Dobrev?

Let us know what we consider in a comments territory next and come behind to CDL for a latest luminary news?

Image credit YouTube // Lip Sync Battle