Audrina Patridge Requests Ex Corey Bohan’s Visitation Rights Be Stripped Over Stalking And Harassment Claims

audrina patridge confining sequence corey bohan stalking harassment

Audrina Patridge is seeking an puncture confining sequence opposite her estranged husband once more.

According to The Blast, The Hills alum stopped by an Orange County building on Wednesday to record an puncture request, as Corey Bohan‘s purported hostilities opposite Patridge have reached an all time high. Supposedly, a existence TV vet’s ex has done threats, so she wants to keep him divided from herself and one-year-old daughter Kirra.

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In her new filing, Audrina asks for Corey’s visitation rights to be nude and that a confining sequence be released opposite him. Allegedly, during a court-ordered hand-off for Kirra, he told a MTV starlet:

“You improved start fucking personification nice, I’m fucking warning you.”

Not usually did she record a incident, though also has claimed that Bohan has on other occasions followed her out of a parking lot. Oh, and he also “one time swerved his automobile dangerously tighten to [her] sister.” How awful.

To make matters worse, Audrina believes Corey is “stalking” her on amicable media. Specifically, a 32-year-old settled that her former fire has been picking detached her open posts and aggressive her character. Audrina went on to give an instance of this behavior, as she common a post of Corey’s where he clearly teased Patridge’s preference to attend church.

The nuisance review as follows:


Oof. As for Corey’s attribute with immature Kirra, Audrina says he has been “angry, rude, and emotionally abusive” to their small one. Bohan apparently once told Kirra:

“Mommy doesn’t collect we adult anymore since she’s an L.A. celebration girl.”

Ugh. Audrina’s mom will infrequently pickup Kirra when she’s bustling working, and in result, Corey tries to “punish” her.

Although a 36-year-old has participated in annoy government and parenting classes following their split, his miss of particular therapy has left him with residual issues. On a sensitivity between them, Lauren Conrad‘s TV bestie shared:

“I am some-more fearful of him now than ever, and fear for a reserve of a daughter Kirra when she is in his care.”

Audrina serve shielded her position by referring to a Snapchat video where Corey was filming and pushing with Kirra in a vehicle. In a footage, Kirra’s automobile chair is also “facing a wrong way.”

After all that’s already left down between these two, we’re so dissapoint to learn that things have not gotten better. We’re meditative of Audrina during this moving time.

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