At SAG, it wasn’t only a bullion that glittered

SAG 2016, SAG, SAG games, South Asian Games, SAG games India, India sag, south asian games India, India sports, sports India, sports news, india, news, sports Participating nations during a shutting rite of a SAG in Guwahati. With 23 disciplines and 4,000 athletes, this was a biggest ever South Asian Games. PTI

Fancy Bazaar is a bustling marketplace where hawkers sell what are called genuine fakes. T-shirts, sunglasses, jeans with strange labels are sole during half cost or less. The place is bustling with bargain-deal hunters, mostly locals or tourists who make a stopover before streamer into a some-more scenic tools of a state, or a North-East.

On Tuesday, a marketplace was brisk with tourists who don’t visit these by-lanes. Athletes and coaches from South Asian countries had a day off and were out looking for a good deal. With usually a evening’s shutting rite to demeanour brazen to, a morning was utilized for sightseeing and shopping.

Most deals were struck and prices slashed when a businessman beheld a 12th South Asian Games trademark on a jerseys of those with whom he was variable for money. “You have come for Asian Games?” was a doubt to that a shoppers had to usually curtsy their conduct and contend ‘yes’. The matter was staid with a grin and a ‘thank you’.


Only 8 countries, including a hosts margin their athletes for a SAG. Nearly 50 have participated over opposite editions of a Asian Games. At this book of a South Asian Games, India won a sum of 188 bullion medals. Since a initial Asiad hold in New Delhi, India managed a sum of 139 gold. With 23 disciplines and over 4,000 athletes, a 12th book can be hyped as a biggest-ever South Asian Games.

Yet, for a male on a travel here, these were a ‘Asian Games’. But let us not let contribution and numbers come in a approach of a feel-good story. And there were many such narratives during a fortnight. Afghanistan done it usually since a Indian sports method and a Indian Olympic Association sponsored their trip. Afghanistan’s inhabitant Olympic legislature were brief of funds. The philanthropy was income good spent. On a franchised craft from Kabul was a usually double Olympic medallist during a games, Rohullah Nikpai (Taekwondo), and Afghanistan’s largest women fortuitous during any multidisciplinary event, 30 in all.

Women from Pakistan were here too, some of them like a boxers were holding their initial stairs in general competition. They done no skeleton about being Mary Kom fans. There were others from opposite a Wagah limit who were bolder. Sixteen-year-old Yashim Maryam Khan showed small honour for her opponents as she won a bullion in a fin-weight difficulty of taekwondo.

An romantic Yashim, great out of joy, jumping into a arms of her manager will be one of a photographs of a games. Nikpai carrying a harm and harmed Naveed Khan, his foe in a subsequent 68 kg category, to a Pakistan dilemma after winning a bullion was a design of diver spirit.

Pakistan kick India on dual occasions in men’s hockey nonetheless no bad blood spilled over. The sour memory of Pakistan’s nauseous celebrations during Bhubaneswar during a Champions Trophy was transposed by one of spectators giving them a station acclaim during a feat lap. This Pakistan side is in a routine of rebuilding and India fielded a second fibre side. But a skip of stars and a outcome didn’t matter to those examination a dual arch-rivals play a hockey compare for a initial time in a North-East.

Nepal, a hosts of a subsequent book of a games, saluted a suggestion of their dirty champion in judo, Phupu Lhamu Khatri — a leader of a bullion in a subsequent 63 kg category. The award was special for dual reasons. It was a country’s initial bullion in judo during a games in over dual decades. Besides Phupu Lhamu is a daughter of Dorje Khatri, who was killed in a avalanche on Mount Everest scarcely dual years ago, that killed scarcely 20 sherpas.

Next era players gained by participating in these games. Sunayna Kuruvilla, a 16-year-old squish actor from Chennai, was partial of a women’s group that won bullion violence Pakistan. Seventeen-year-old Tejaswin Shankar won china in a high burst competing opposite an Olympian and an Asian Championships medallist from Sri Lanka.

A fable also bid farewell during a games as Bembem Devi, Indian women’s football group captain, late after personification for dual decades. Over 23,000 watched India kick Nepal 4-0 during a JLN Stadium as Bembem bent out on a high.
For all a brickbats a organisers faced, a hiccups, a teething problems, one thing they got mark on right from a start was a sheet prices. A sheet for a women’s final cost usually Rs 30. In a segment that was witnessing large time foe for a initial time, one wouldn’t bake a hole in a slot by going for a games.

Yet, not all ran like clockwork and this wasn’t a glitch-free games. There were reports of dull seats during certain venues in a initial week yet those who wanted to squeeze one saw a ‘sold-out’ summary on a central website.

The breeze sign for entertainment competitions didn’t work on a initial day ensuing in timings not being ratified, ‘athlete vehicles’ were not on time, always withdrawal some of a visiting participants during their wits’ end. It valid to be a logistical calamity to ride athletes and officials staying in over 100 hotels, in Guwahati and Shillong, to a several sporting venues on time. The non-issuance of visa to a Pakistan hockey actor resulted in manager Rehan Butt carrying to fill in.

The peculiarity of a foe was some-more South Asian Games than ‘Asian Games’. Indian boxers won all medals in boxing, including a 3 in a women category, is an instance of a mismatch. People, though, didn’t wish to skip a eventuality to watch Mary Kom fighting in her partial of a nation and lapped adult a action.

As a fate came down with a charming and interesting shutting rite (singer Shaan was a categorical act) during a track in Sarusajai a organisers, who put together these games in reduction than 4 months, were respirating easy. Speeches by dignitaries during opening and shutting events are mostly accompanied by ‘boos’. Here they listened patiently to those on a dais before a strain and dance uncover of a shutting rite of their ‘Asian Games’ began.

Gulliver: 188 golds; Lilliputians: 51

India unequivocally did not need a likes of Mary Kom, Sarita Devi, Apurvi Chandela, PV Sindhu, Ramkumar Ramanathan and K Srikanth to fetch adult for a nation to tip a medals total during a wretchedly un-competitive SAG. The face-offs were a hoax of their talents and bid — squandered mindlessly in an Olympic year. By promulgation a chosen athletes for this informal meet, India missed out on an glorious eventuality to emanate new stars out of younger talents who could’ve been tested for their haughtiness during this level. As a state governments get bustling for a award winners, here’s looking during a no-contests that highlighted a cove in difficulty between India and a rest.


SAG 2016, SAG, SAG games, South Asian Games, SAG games India, India sag, south asian games India, India sports, sports India, sports news, india, news, sports

Gold medals won by India, roughly 4 times a total bullion transport by a rest of a participants — 51. The hosts had a gold-silver finish in all 5 categories in badminton. P.V.Sindhu’s group final measure opposite Kavindi Ishadika Sirimannage review 21-7, 21-5.

In tennis all a 5 finals were all-Indian affairs. Was it some Open Nationals or general meet?

Volleyball, Kho kho, Kabaddi, Handball — group and women — both titles picked by a hosts.
The group bullion in a men’s 50 metre Rifle 3 position eventuality was won by India. Chain Singh, Gagan Narang and Surendra Sinh Rathod’s total measure of 3490 was roughly 100 points forward of bronze-winning Bangladesh (3398).
Mary Kom kick Sri Lanka’s Anusha Kodituwakku Dilrukshi by a technical knockout (TKO) in a flyweight difficulty hitch durability reduction than 90 seconds.

Vikas Krishan was using heat and on antibiotics. He still kick Tanveer Ahmed in 75 kg to win India’s seventh bullion medal.

# That India mislaid a men’s finals in hockey and football opposite this miserable competition. It’s a outcome estimable of a inhabitant turn enquiry.
# Judo returned a comparatively bad haul. In 3 groups out of 12, Indians did not win gold.