Asia Cup: Mirpur representation ‘not ideal’ for practicing aggressive shots, feels MS Dhoni

India vs Pakistan, India Pakistan, Ind vs Pak, Pak vs Ind, Asia Cup 2016, MS Dhoni, MS Dhoni captaincy, Dhoni batting, Asia Cup T20, Asia Cup, sports, cricket news, Cricket MS Dhoni struck a winning runs opposite Pakistan in a Asia crater encounter. (Source: AP)

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni feels that a 22-yard-strip during a Sher-e-Bangla Stadium is positively “not ideal” for a batsmen to try and use assertive shots gripping a ICC World T20 in mind.

“We suspicion it will be really good use for T20 World Cup though in terms of conflict maybe it is not. But when it comes to reading a diversion and respecting conditions, it is good for us,” Dhoni pronounced after India degraded Pakistan in a low-scoring diversion where 15 wickets fell in 33 overs.

“Whether it is good (advertisement) for T20 cricket is formidable one to answer with so most of rebound and movement. In games over here, it has been really formidable to come out and play large shots. In one game, we scored 170 though it seemed like we would measure 140, since of a firepower in a batting and few good overs, we managed, to strech 170. Otherwise all other games have been low-scoring ones, that is not good,” Dhoni was straightforward in his assessment.

Dhoni also concluded that scores like 80’s and 100’s are not what people come to see in a Twenty20 game.

“You know people adore T20 for a sixes and a fours and during a same time we don’t wish 80’s and 100’s to be scored. Low scoring should be 130-135 and high scoring games could be anything between 200 and 240. But in a approach it is good for us (chasing 84), as we are a side that plays assertive cricket.

“In a approach it pushes (forces) us to honour a conditions. In a entrance games, a openers will not go with a set mindset like what happened in Australia. We knew a wickets were so good that we knew even if there is a bit of movement, we can play on a consequence of a round or a rebound that is not box over here,” he said.

He voiced complacency that Virat Kohli has time and again shouldered additional shortcoming in vigour situations though refused to pull comparisons about either a Delhi batsman was a best India has ever constructed in predicament situations.

“Why it is always that we have to come to comparisons. Others also have achieved and we don’t trust in comparing individuals. we have captained for some-more than 5 years and we can’t remember volume of vigour any particular takes. He (Kohli) has been really unchanging for us and prepared to take additional responsibility,” Dhoni said.

Dhoni also praised Yuvraj’s Singh dirty inings final night and feels some-more than volume of runs scored, a series of balls faced was important.

“The condition was tough. You have to always consider, people batting down a order, there is a vigour of losing wickets. More we go down, a vigour increases. For me some-more than a runs he scored, how many balls Yuvraj faced was crucial. He got beaten a few teams though attempted to play shots. It will give him a lot of strength. Hopefully he will get a possibility to demonstrate himself in improved conditions,” a skipper said.

Dhoni pronounced that chasing 84 wasn’t easy deliberation it was a center of a highway target.

“It is one of those targets where we are confused either we should conflict or wait. Glad we limited them to 84 that done it easier for us. Since there wasn’t most dew, a initial 4-5 overs, that were crucial, was extended by a few some-more overs. In these pitches, it seems that 135-140 is a good measure though currently it seemed 120 was good score.

“The ideal length on this lane is only forward of 3 quarters, and if we could strike a seam, we will get movement,” he sealed off.