Arie Luyendyk Jr., Lauren Burnham Baby Details Start to Come Out

The Bachelor integrate Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham announced this morning that they have a baby on a way. Now, a few sum about their baby are starting to come out. First off, a integrate common that they were not perplexing to get pregnant, yet they are happy about it. They are still formulation to do their marriage in Jan as well. They have been transparent that babies were in a plan, yet it only happened a bit earlier than expected. Arie and Lauren feel like it was substantially meant to go that way. 

It turns out that Arie Luyendrk Jr. and Lauren Burnham already know a sex of their baby. The integrate isn’t pity that news only yet, though. Hopefully, they will do some kind of large gender exhibit and let a fans in on a news. 

I can’t sleep… a residence is quiet, you’re subsequent to me. we can hear your soothing exhale and we consternation what you’re forgetful about. we sealed my eyes tonight and a destiny played like a pleasing intrigue with flashes of a wedding, travels, a children and a residence full of friends, family and love. we woke adult and we were wrapped in my arms, a pups on a building subsequent to us. Now we lay watchful wanting to quick brazen a lives yet in a same exhale pull postponement and not let these eyes tighten for too prolonged since this is what loyal adore feels like. Good night xo

A post common by Arie Luyendyk 🌹 (@ariejr) on Nov 8, 2018 during 1:00am PST

Arie and Lauren have to be clever and not let a news trip out. Their marriage is Jan 12, 2019. It turns out that the Bachelor integrate skeleton to share a sex of their baby around that time. That is dual months that a integrate has to keep it a secret. That won’t be easy, yet we never know if they competence let it slip. 

Both Arie and Lauren didn’t unequivocally caring if they had a lady or a boy. The thing is they both had a feeling that they knew a sex of their baby and it turns out they were right. Arie and Lauren still aren’t vouchsafing anything slip, though. 

Lauren Burnham did have a tough time during her initial trimester. She is past that now. Most couples wait to reveal they are awaiting until that tough partial is over and that is what they did. Here is what Lauren had to contend about her initial trimester.

“Over a final week I’ve started feeling a lot better. It’s good to have my appetite back.”

Fans of The Bachelor are only going to have to wait on Arie and Lauren to share a few some-more details. They both like to post on their amicable networks a lot, so following the couple there will be a good approach to get updates during her pregnancy and see that baby strike grow.

Are we astounded to hear that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham have a baby on a way? Let us know in a comments below, and don’t skip new episodes of The Bachelor 2019 with Colton Underwood when they start airing on Mondays in Jan on ABC.