Apple’s HomePod speakers leave white outlines on wood

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Pocket-lint published this picture of a symbol left by a Homepod exam unit

Apple’s new intelligent speakers can streak wooden surfaces, withdrawal a white symbol where they are placed, a organisation has acknowledged.

The US association has suggested that owners might have to re-oil seat if a HomePod is moved.

The device went on sale final week after carrying been behind from a strange 2017 recover date.

Apple updated a assistance page to advise “placing your HomePod on a opposite surface” if business were concerned.

“It is not surprising for any orator with a vibration-dampening silicone bottom to leave amiable outlines when placed on some wooden surfaces,” a association said.

“The outlines can be caused by oils diffusing between a silicone bottom and a list surface, and will mostly go divided after several days when a orator is private from a wooden surface.

“If not, wiping a aspect kindly with a soothing damp or dry cloth might mislay a marks. If outlines persist, purify a aspect with a seat manufacturer’s endorsed cleaning process.”


Gadget examination site Pocket-Lint told a BBC it had never seen anything like this problem.

The website’s founder, Stuart Miles, told a BBC that a orator left a symbol on his kitchen worktop within 20 minutes.

“To transparent it, we had to silt a timber down and afterwards re-oil it,” Mr Miles said.

“It wasn’t a finish of a universe for us. But if you’ve bought an costly Scandinavian buffet or some pleasing square of wooden seat and afterwards got a symbol on it from a speaker, we can suppose a horror,” he added.

The problem has also been gifted by a New York Times review and the 9to5Mac news site as good as by during slightest one member of a public.

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The NYT’s Wirecutter site pronounced Apple told it that “the outlines can urge over several days after a orator is private from a timber surface.”

Apple combined that if a outlines did not urge afterwards business could “try cleaning a aspect with a manufacturer’s suggested oiling method”.

It is not nonetheless transparent if a problem affects all HomePod speakers or only a representation of a initial prolongation run.

Heat and moisture?

The £319 HomePod has been praised in reviews for a peculiarity of a drum records that it can produce.

But to do so, it needs to be placed on a prosaic surface.

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The HomePod costs some-more than Google, Amazon and Sonos’ entry-level intelligent speakers though reviews advise it offers higher sound

“Most others inclination that we exam have tiny feet that lift them off a opposite ever so somewhat to means an atmosphere flow,” commented Mr Miles.

“But a HomePod appears to need hit with a aspect that it’s on to ring and emanate a absolute bass.

“I put it on a coaster to see if that would fight [leaving a mark] though that broken a drum qualities, so that’s not a repair to a problem,” he added.

According to one seat gloss recommendation site, the many common causes of white marks on wooden seat are feverishness and moisture.

The BBC has asked Apple for some-more sum about a issue.

One blogger who closely follows a association was astounded by a development.

“Anyone who runs into this should be outraged,” wrote Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

“Apple has been creation products that go on shelves and tables for years… and I’ve never seen a news of repairs to a surface.

“This seems like an emanate that should have been held during a duration where HomePod was being widely tested during home by many Apple employees.”