Annie Lennox Helps Out Up-And-Coming Artists By Exposing THIS ‘New Music Coordinator’ As A Con Artist!

annie lennox calls out song scam

Annie Lennox is holding down scammers one Facebook post during a time.

On Thursday, a hitmaker took to a amicable media site in sequence to DRAG a ostensible “new song coordinator” for an unnamed El La radio station. Why?? Well, since a staffer, named Kylie, wrote Miz Lennox an email sanctimonious to have detected her.

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On a weird note she received, a 62-year-old shared:

At first, it seemed as yet this email was only created by some clueless newb who doesn’t know Lennox’s many hits, including Why, Walking on Broken Glass, etc. However, after spotting one criticism from Annie in a post, it sounds like emails like these ARE being sent to new artists in sequence to fraud them out of money. Oh no!

The attention oldster continued:

“Whilst it’s apparently a bit of fun pity a email we perceived revelation me we had ‘potential’ sadly adult and entrance musicians are sent these kinds of scams each day. My digital group accept hundreds of them each year.

I’d titillate any new (or indeed established) artists to send that kind of email true to your trash. Companies reaching out cold to assistance you, promulgation emails that are clearly formulaic with links seeking for money to upload your marks are a really dodgy business indeed and not one we wish to see anyone tumble tainted of.”

Yikes. We’re certain many up-and-comers are beholden to Annie for arising out a warning!

Although, we do consternation how this scammer got their hands on a distinguished musician’s email address. We theory that poser will sojourn unsolved for now…

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