Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Run Wild

There are always rumors that one of a Duggars are pregnant. Lately, people have been articulate about a probability of Lauren and Josiah Duggar carrying a baby. Now, a viewers are articulate about Josh and Anna Duggar. These dual seem to be doing well, so another baby on a approach wouldn’t be shocking. So far, they are staying still about it.

Some fans are certain that they know that Anna has a baby on a way. They do have a speculation behind this though. One thing to remember is that a Duggars don’t trust in birth control. That alone could meant that a baby is on a way.

Hope we are carrying a #HappyLaborDay and spending it with ones we adore most! We spent some time with family friends during #FarmlandAdventures today!

A post common by Anna Duggar (@annaduggar) on Sep 3, 2018 during 12:24pm PDT

This would be a 6th child for Josh and Anna Duggar if they are awaiting another one. They are still distant divided from carrying 19 like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In a new shave of Josh and Anna Duggar, a fans started articulate about if she could be pregnant. It is possible.

One said, “Congratulations if you’re profound Anna! Keep flourishing Gods kingdom! I’m grateful He’s healed your marriage.” Another one said, “Did we skip a pregnancy proclamation from them?” Josh and Anna haven’t announced a pregnancy if there is one, though.

Josh Duggar isn’t on a uncover Counting On during all anymore. They could still wait until a uncover comes behind again to announce a news. Anna could uncover adult and do it, or they could finish adult vouchsafing one of a news outlets share a news.

Back in September, Anna Duggar did residence pregnancy rumors. She did contend that she wasn’t awaiting a baby. Instead, she teased that she only needs a diet. That was several months ago so it is probable that something happened between now and then. Anna would substantially wait until she was by her initial trimester to let a fans know about a baby.

Josh and Anna Duggar went by a tough time a few years back, though they have been means to work by their issues. Now that they are behind together again and he is finished with rehab. They have already had one child given he got behind home. It seems like Anna is a form to hang by her man.

Do we feel like Anna and Josh Duggar are about to have another baby? Let us know your thoughts in a comments below. Also, make certain we don’t skip Counting On when it earnings with new episodes on TLC.

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