And Baby Makes 5! Daphne Oz Welcomes Daughter Domenica Celine

Daphne Oz is a mom of three!

The former co-host of The Chew has given birth to her third child, a daughter, with father John Jovanovic, her repute confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Domenica Celine Jovanovic was innate Monday, Dec. 4, during 9:52 a.m., in New York City.

“Mom and Domenica are both happy and healthy, enjoying a small afternoon snooze together,” a repute tells PEOPLE, divulgence that a baby lady totalled 23 inches and weighed 8 lbs., 11 oz., during birth.

Jovanovic and Oz — who starred in a new video debate for Janie and Jack’s JJ Holiday collection — welcomed their newest further to a universe alongside her siblings Jovan Jr., 2, and Philomena Bijou, 3½.

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sooooo….due date came and went and #babywatch 2017 continues. she’s friendly in there!! mom is restless. 🙄 nonetheless tonight was flattering #gold only a same ❤️✨🌲✨❤️ (tree still needs vital work – leave it to me to try to buy ornaments and lights on dec 1 when any store looks like it’s been ransacked…stay tuned)

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coming in prohibited ✈️ #40weeks on Friday!! can’t wait to accommodate a small lady 💕

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Amid rumors of her pregnancy, a 31-year-old veteran foodie confirmed a news behind in Jun on both amicable media and an part of The Chew.

“Party of 5!!” Oz wrote on Instagram. “John and we are vivacious to be adding to a family with a baby lady after this winter. Philo and JJ will be a best large siblings!!”

She continued, “I know lots of we guessed, and we could not wait to tell you!! Exciting times ahead!!”

✨🍯✨well…we are unequivocally tighten now. 193lbs (so my alloy tells me – i don’t possess a scale). definitively not all baby. holding this design final night, it was only going to be for a family – i have collages of any baby flourishing in my swell and try to write myself small reminders of what it felt like to know their movements and a fad of holding them inside me before we got to know a tangible people that would emerge. nonetheless i motionless to share it with all of we since a womanlike physique is value so most some-more than objectification, scrutiny, comparison, hatred…we do so most in this skin. we all have formidable relations with a story of how we get gentle vital in and owning it. cave has been a long, circuitous tour brazen and behind and brazen again. and afterwards there are moments like this that are a ideal duality: complicated and light, tired and exhilarated, unrecognizable and nonetheless clearly me (plus someone else). these final few weeks of pregnancy have left so quick and delayed and it got me meditative about a lot. i feel like we guys consider these thoughts too. BIG LOVE!!❤️

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out here #36weeks ✔️ friendly sweater + sneakers + leggings adult to my bust – what did we do before these??

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Oz also confirmed her pregnancy during a shred of The Chew when her co-hosts were celebration sangria.

“That sangria looks so good, nonetheless I’m on a clean this week,” she told her colleagues. “Essentially, I’m profound … but really, I’m pregnant!”

As a assembly erupted in cheers, Oz continued, “I feel like America knew — we feel like y’all knew! We are so excited.”

Party of 5!! John and we are vivacious to be adding to a family with a baby lady after this winter – Philo and JJ will be a best large siblings!! we know lots of we guessed, and we could not wait to tell you!! Exciting times ahead!! 🎀💕🌸💗

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In her Fit Pregnancy and Baby November cover story, Oz explained how her other children felt about their new sibling.

Her oldest child, Philomena, seemed to welcome a thought — nonetheless carrying a sister competence not have been a small girl’s initial choice.

Oz pronounced that after revelation Philomena that a baby lady would be innate around Christmas — “like a present” — “She looked during me and, in all seriousness, said, ‘Oh man! we was unequivocally anticipating for a dinosaur.’ It was so cute.”

Daphne Oz and family

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But over time, Philo became some-more welcoming about her new sister on a way. “Now, she’s excited. She kisses my swell and says, ‘How’s Sugar? Isn’t she finished cooking yet?’ ” Oz combined of her daughter.

“But her hermit is younger, so he possibly doesn’t know or maybe he only doesn’t care,” she continued. “He’s such a dude.”

Although a mom of 3 will positively have her hands full with 3 children underneath 4, Oz revealed in a cover story that a latest further might not be her final child.

“I love being pregnant,” she admitted. “I always fun with John that we wish 7 kids. We’ll see what series we indeed get to.”

baptized Johnny Boy today!! he was miserable since we had to arise him adult from his snooze 😩 nonetheless him in his white tux and carrying this day with a family was pristine bullion ✨🍯✨

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Oz — a New York Times bestselling author and a oldest child of radio physician Dr. Mehmet Oz — added that parenting has strengthened her attribute with her father Jovanovic.

“Having children with someone creates we vulnerable,” Oz said. “You have no ability to censor anything anymore. You are so nude down because we need all that mental, romantic and earthy support.”

“Parenthood helps we let things hurl off your behind too,” she added. “You realize what’s important compared to a foolish things we used to quarrel over.”

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