Amy Smart Defends Husband Carter Oosterhouse After He’s Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Amy Smart is station by her father of 6 years, Carter Oosterhouse, after sexual bungle allegations were brought opposite a HGTV star.

The 41-year-old actress wrote an ardent summary of support for Oosterhouse on Instagram Saturday, captioning a print of a dual of them and their 11-month-old daughter Flora.

“We are in a meridian right now where it’s so smashing and indispensable to have women entrance brazen to mangle their silence; it is critical and critical for womanlike equality. Period,” she said. “A lot of a stories are horrific and need to be brought to light. This story, about my husband, Carter Oosterhouse, on a other hand, is now holding it too distant and bounds are being crossed.”

Oosterhouse — who has seemed on TLC’s Trading Spaces (and is slated to star in a show’s reboot in open 2018) and HGTV shows including Carter Can and Red Hot Green — was accused of ardent bungle by a former makeup artist in an essay published by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

Carter Oosterhouse and Amy Smart

Kailey Kaminsky, who worked on Carter Can in 2008, told THR in an talk that Oosterhouse, 41, had coerced her into behaving steady verbal sex acts during a show’s production. She claims she interpreted his requests as affecting her livelihood, that is given she concluded to a ardent attribute with him. The practice allegedly led to her hospitalization for basin and her being let go from a show, she said.

But Oosterhouse denies his ardent attribute with Kaminsky as being nonconsensual, stating, “It was 100% mutual and consensual. In no approach did we ever feel, nor was it ever indicated to me, that Kailey was worried during out insinuate relationship. we would have never finished anything that we was not certain was jointly agreeable.” He also claimed Kaminsky instituted their family a initial time and “the 15 or so times we had family thereafter.”

Carter Oosterhouse, Amy Smart and daughter Flora

In her matter on Saturday, Smart reiterated Oosterhouse’s point. “When we are in a CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, afterwards we need to take shortcoming for enchanting in that and not play victim,” she wrote. “IF a attribute does not work out a approach we wish it to, afterwards sorry, though that is a risk we take when removing insinuate with another person. There are copiousness of relations we wish we could go behind and make opposite choices about, though it was on me to decide.”

“We need to take shortcoming and learn from a mistakes and choices,” she continued. “Women are absolute and we need to be reminded of a strength and energy we reason and learn ways to take caring of ourselves so we don’t find ourselves observant approbation when we unequivocally need to contend no.”

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Smart pronounced Kaminsky’s claims were “very deleterious and vicious to one of a many kindest, loving, non-aggressive group we have a payoff of knowing.”

“I am so contemptible for these carnal difference being thrown around, they are intensely hurtful,” she said, addressing a media. “This form of stating needs to stop, it’s so deleterious for personal lives and careers and only not fair. Enough is enough, this is a defence to a writers, outlets and media… More due industry needs to be finished before crafting headlines and stories. Have understanding when we tell a story and greatfully cruise a source and story before only copy anything to get readers and viewers.”

She finished her note, “#lovethesetwo.”

Oosterhouse told PEOPLE in a matter that he is “very ardent about what is function right now with a #metoo movement, generally given we have so many clever women in my life, like my wife, mother, sister and of march my small baby girl. We are in a time of change for multitude and we am behind it 100%.”

His latest TV project, ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight, will atmosphere on a network on Monday as scheduled. He’s served as a horde and decider on a annual module given 2015, alongside associate HGTV unchanging Taniya Nayak. The series, now in the fifth season, follows neighbors as they contest to adorn their homes with elaborate arrangement of holiday lights and win a $50,000 prize.