American Idol Recap – Top 14 Revealed – Showcase Week #4: Season 15 Episode 14

American Idol Recap - Top 14 Revealed - Showcase Week #4: Season 15 Episode 14

It’s another sparkling night of AMERICAN IDOL on FOX with an all new Thursday Feb 18, deteriorate 15 partial 14 called “Showcase Week #4” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, a judges opinion on a second showcase and a Top 14 are revealed. Included: fan-favorite Idols lapse to coach and perform.

On a final episode, a remaining 12 of a Top 24 got their possibility to gleam as they achieved for a judges’ votes. Who would make it by to a subsequent round? Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

On tonight’s partial as per a FOX synopsis, “IDOL fan favorites lapse to coach and perform, as a judges opinion on a second showcase and 5 contestants are sent home. Find out who advances to a Top 14 in a query to turn a final IDOL.”

Tonight’s uncover is going to be an sparkling one, that I’m not going to skip and conjunction should you. Tune in tonight during 8 PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all a present American Idol News and we’ll be recapping tonight’s partial right here for you. Do we have a favorite to win? Hit adult a comments and let us know who we unequivocally like!

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Tonight’s partial of American Idol kicks off with horde Ryan Seacrest holding a theatre – he introduces a judges: Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. Ryan announces that tonight will be another turn of luminary duets with a remaining American Idol contenders. The following Idol alums will be creation appearances, Chris Daughtry (Season 5), Kellie Pickler (Season 5), Constantine Maroulis (Season 4), Haley Reinhart (Season 10), Jordin Sparks (Season 6), and David Cook (Season 7). After tonight’s performances a Idol judges will be promulgation home 5 of a performers.

The initial duet to take a theatre tonight is Amelia Eisenhaur and Kellie Pickler, they’ll be behaving “Suds In The Bucket” by Sara Evans. Kellie indeed achieved this strain 10 years ago when she was competing on American Idol. Kellie and Amelia take a stage, with Amelia on a fiddle and sing for a judges.

Harry Connick Jr: “One of my favorite things is to see someone who is adult and entrance with someone like Kellie who has a extensive volume of knowledge try to propagandize a youngster like we – and we came out fighting. It was positively terrific.” Keith Urban: “I suspicion a same, it was such a good strain for we to do. You stepped adult to a image and it was good to see we play.” Jennifer Lopez: “Absolutely, we felt right during home with Kellie, she was substantially a ideal coach for we and it showed in your performance, we were propitious to have her. Really good job.”

 Haley Reinhart and Kory Wheeler are adult next, they take a American Idol theatre and perform a delivery of Elton John’s classical strike “Bennie And The Jets.” After a strain is over, they line adult to hear a judges’ comments.   Keith Urban: “That was so good, we got to say, Haley has got such a flow, a strut and anything It was a unequivocally good strain for a dual of we and we matched up, it was terrific.” Jennifer Lopez: “Haley was on a initial deteriorate that we judged and we suspicion she was going to win – she is a unusual vocalist. You did unequivocally good with her, when she did that strain on a uncover it blew everybody away. It finished me feel a same saying we with her, it was a good pairing.” Harry Connick Jr: “It was unequivocally terrific, we are 2 for 2 tonight. I’m always articulate about singing in a slot and she unequivocally does that well, we consider she grounded you. we have zero disastrous to say.”

Lee Jean is adult subsequent with American Idol alum Chris Daughtry, they are doing one of Chris’s strange songs tonight called “Home.” Lee is flattering star-struck by his luminary duet partner during rehearsal, though he seems to have gotten it together when they take a theatre to sing for a American Idol judges. After their performance, a judges give Lee their feedback.

Jennifer Lopez: You know these duets tonight have been amazing, and we did a good job. That is one of a best guys to ever come out of Idol and we are singing with him and we are a baby still – a dual of we together, Im speechless.” Harry Connick Jr: “Really strong, my favorite partial about we aside from your low-pitched present is your theatre performance. My favorite partial of that opening was a initial line that we sang – we was wondering are we going to movement off a runway? But, we were unequivocally controlled, we were focused and ardent and that is unequivocally tough to do. I’m unapproachable of you.” Keith Urban: “I’ve listened that strain so many times and it is such a good song, though we brought this storyteller to a strain and it was like we listened a lyrics again for a initial time. we also wish to say, how cold that we can all hear a strain and only consider that’s a classical that has been around forever. But, that’s an strange strain created by someone that has been on American Idol.”

David Cook and CJ Johnson are adult next, they perform “The World we Know” by Collective Soul. After they sing their duet, David reminisces about singing that strain a final time he was on a Idol stage. CJ waits for a comments from a American Idol judges. Harry Connick Jr: “It’s a genuine cliché to contend that your voices blended unequivocally well, though your voices sounded unequivocally good together. It was a good event to see who can hang with people who have finished this for a while – and we know we can unequivocally tell that we play gigs all a time. It was unequivocally nice, good job.” Keith Urban: “I determine with Harry, we consider we reason your possess unequivocally well. It’s not most of a strain that we guys can do a lot with. we consider we did as good as anyone could with that song.” Jennifer Lopez: “We had such powerhouse duets before that, that strain sounded kind of mellow – we do compare. You did a good pursuit with it and we sounded good though we wish it would have been a small some-more of a move a assembly adult form of performance.”

Manny Torres and Jordin Sparks are adult next, they take a American Idol theatre and perform Jordin’s strike “No Air” – that she creatively available with Chris Brown. During operation Jordin worked with Manny to try and assistance him communicate his emotions, now it’s time to see if he took her recommendation to heart. After their performance, Manny waits for a judges’ comments.

Keith Urban: “The initial thing we have to contend was it was so lovable examination Jordin with those large heels station subsequent to you, we felt like when we travel a red runner with my wife. Im with we male don’t worry, it’s all good. You guys are great, when we walked out on that theatre together it was like a genuine moment. She was so good for you, we stepped adult to a plate, we suspicion it was terrific.” Jennifer Lopez: “It couldn’t have been some-more perfect, that is one of my favorite songs, we adore that song. And it was a ideal matrimony of we dual – we desired it, we suspicion it was perfect.” Harry Connick Jr: “Jordin sounds so good and tonight she looked spectacular, a fact that my eye was going behind and onward from we and Jordan is a outrageous covenant of how most glamour had on stage. You can’t force that and we guys did good together.”

Constantine Maroulis and Jenn Brosil take a American Idol theatre subsequent and perform a duet of a iconic strain “My Funny Valentine” by Frank Sinatra. Afterwards, a judges give their feedback on Constantine and Jenn’s performance. Jennifer Lopez: “Yes, it was kind of a essence of a ideal duet – dual people entrance together and being so different. we feel like we were singing together and we were in your possess world. And, we desired that we unequivocally enjoyed it.” Harry Connick Jr.: “First let me contend that we consider Constantine is superb and over a years he has incited in to a good dull performer. we remonstrate with him injecting appetite in to a strain like that – it incited in to a cheering match, that wasn’t suitable for this form of song.” Keith Urban: “Uhh, we freaking desired it! we unequivocally desired it. What was good about it is Jenn we are removing so consistent, in some ways we kind of waited and dominated a whole thing. It was cool, we were strong, it was fantastic.”

Kellie Pickler is behind on a Idol theatre for her second duet tonight with Tristan McIntosh. Kellie and Tristan are singing Kellie’s strike “Best Days Of Your Life.” After their rendition, Tristan awaits a judges’ feedback.

Harry Connick Jr: “It was flattering damn good, we inspire we to make certain we don’t rush, make certain that we sing in a pocket, and also be wakeful of where we are. Kellie planted her feet and she sang, and we seemed to ramble a bit. we saw a small bit of inexperience, though we are 15 and that’s firm to happen.” Keith Urban: “Did we know that strain before we had to learn it? It was a small unsure representation wise, it felt like it was wily for we to sing a peace subsequent Kellie, it was a small unsure pitch-wise. It’s tough to reason on to that one since we are going for it.” Jennifer Lopez: “Since we walked in a doorway we are a chairman that we have had a eye on since we have such an extraordinary voice during such a immature age. When we see we adult there subsequent to a seasoned performer, it shows your youth. The doubt is, are we going to find your slit and get as gentle adult there as a rest of a contestants. Because it’s a tough season.”

This time around David Cook is singing a duet with Olivia Rox, they’re singing David’s renouned strain “Light On.” It’s a wily song, though David thinks that Olivia has a collection to lift it off. David and Olivia perform on a Idol stage, and afterwards Olivia waits to hear what a judges thought. Keith Urban: “It’s unequivocally high regard when a alumni that we are singing with says that he has been perplexing to keep adult with we all week. All I’m going to contend is put simply, Olivia Rox, approbation she does” Jennifer Lopez: “I feel a same way, your voice is truly phenomenal. And what David said, if we find your slit afterwards we are going to be around for a prolonged time.” Harry Connick JR: “You sing like somebody that knows music, we did a illusory pursuit and Idol is propitious to have you. we only get vehement when we see a opening like that, this is going to be an implausible season.”

Haley Reinhart and Adam Lasher and a subsequent duet to take a Idol theatre – singing a delivery of Elvis’s classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” After their opening Adam nervously waits for a judges’ critiques.

Jennifer Lopez: “It was unequivocally strong, a strain itself is such a pleasing strain and it is tough to go wrong and we know Haley is a unusual vocalist. You stayed your march and upheld it and it came off unequivocally well.” Harry Connick JR: “It’s tough to do what we did, when Haley sang a initial 8 bars she assistance records out for a unequivocally prolonged time. we suspicion it was lovely, we was captivated, it looked like we guys were descending in adore right before my eyes. we don’t consider we have to sing so on a beat, we can accommodate and take risks, we have saw it before.” Keith Urban: “I can feel a garland of “boo’s” entrance on, though when we are subsequent to somebody that sings so effortless, it highlighted a fact that we kept watchful for we to disencumber up. That strain is so beautiful, and we felt like we were stiff, we kept watchful for we to give in. we felt like we never let it go and it was too stiff.”

Dalton Rapattoni and Chris Daughtry take a theatre subsequent to perform a duet of Chris’s strain “Higher Ground.” After their performance, Ryan Seacrest has a warn for Chris Daughtry, it’s a outrageous board commemorating all of his albums over a years and series one singles. Chris is apparently blow away. Afterwards, Chris leaves a theatre and Dalton waits to hear a judges’ critiques. Harry Connick JR: “See this is since we am so respected to be a decider on American Idol since it breeds such implausible talents and success stories. Dalton, we we know we consider we are terrific. we suspicion this was solid, though we got to give a credit to a band. You did what we were ostensible to do, though we hatred to contend it, Ryan could have sounded good on that one.” Keith Urban: “It was unequivocally cool, what was engaging about that opening is we dual came during it unequivocally differently. You kinda come out to a assembly and that works too. we suspicion it was incredible.” Jennifer Lopez: “I consider both of we gave a enterprising opening in your possess approach and it unequivocally worked for me. You are kind of like this Dark Horse that it entrance to a aspect during a right time, with your extraordinary blue eyes.”

Up subsequent is Jordin Sparks with her second duet partner of a night, Trent Harmon. Trent and Jordin perform a delivery of “To Love Somebody” by The Bee Gees. After their performance, a Idol judges give Trent some feedback.

Keith Urban: “I suspicion that was a good match-up for a dual of we and it’s a good song. Jordin and that strain pulled things out of we vocally that we haven’t saw before. we feel like there is some-more in there, that’s a good pointer Trent.” Jennifer Lopez: “I feel like that was a Trent that we know and love. That does warn each once in a while, that tinge is so singular and so beautiful. And, it was a good showcase for you, we desired a dual of we together, that was unequivocally nice.” Harry Connick JR: “Me too. we love, love, adore this strain and we was unequivocally pulling for a good opening generally on a strain like that. When we are finished with this Idol knowledge we should do this as a single, or even as a duet.”


The final opening on America Idol tonight is Constantine and Shelbie Z. – they sing a classical strain “Bohemian Rhapsody” for a judges. Shelbie indeed watched Constantine sing a same strain when he was on Idol years ago, and she was a small shaken about vital adult to his expectations. After they are done, Shelbie waits for a judges’ comments. Jennifer Lopez: “I felt like we mislaid Shelbie a small bit in that, we know Constantine singing it though we don’t know Shelbie singing it. It for me, as most as we adore what we do, we mislaid Shelbie in all of that for me.” Harry Connick JR: “That’s a tough strain to do as a duet, it was enterprising and absolute and loud, we only didn’t seem to have a indicate of perspective to me.” Keith Urban: “I determine with them, we adore this strain and it is not meant to be a duet. we got a small frightened – it didn’t lift me in. Nothing about a opening pulled me in.”

Now, it is time to find out who will be separated subsequent on American Idol. The judges announce that Lee, Olivia, Jenn, Dalton, Manny, Tristan, and Trent are SAFE!

That means that Shelbie, Amelia, CJ, Kory, and Adam are strictly separated from American Idol.