Amazon faces lawsuit over ‘faulty’ obscure glasses

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A US integrate have filed a due category movement lawsuit opposite Amazon, claiming they postulated eye injuries from solar obscure eyeglasses purchased on a site.

Corey Payne and Kayla Harris pronounced they gifted headaches and prophesy spoil after regulating a eyeglasses to watch a US obscure on 21 August.

Amazon pronounced it released a remember on potentially dangerous obscure eyeglasses on 10 August.

The integrate claimed they were not sensitive of a recall.

Legal papers filed by a span contend a warning was “tragically too little, too late”.

Amazon has declined to criticism on a lawsuit, that was filed in a sovereign justice in South Carolina on Tuesday.


The online tradesman claimed it emailed business arising a remember of certain solar obscure eyeglasses products that it was incompetent to determine as carrying been made by creditable companies.

However, Amazon did not divulge a scale of a remember or list a influenced vendors.

When it released a recall, it pronounced it did not name specific brands or products, given some suppliers were offered legitimate versions of obscure glasses.

The integrate pronounced that they did not demeanour into a sky but wearing a eyeglasses to perspective the initial sum solar eclipse to cranky a North American continent from sea to sea given 1918.

Several hours after observation a eclipse, a span pronounced they gifted headaches and eye watering.

Over a following days, they afterwards grown prophesy spoil including blurriness and twisted vision.

Special glasses

The integrate are seeking to paint other business who also explain they did not accept a warning from Amazon and suffered identical injuries from regulating poor obscure glasses.

The span wish Amazon to compensate for a medical cost of monitoring peoples’ eyes to see how most damage, if any, has occurred.

In a run-up to a solar eclipse, experts warned people never to demeanour directly during a Sun with a exposed eye.

Nasa scientists warned opposite regulating homemade filters or typical sunglasses, given these eyeglasses would broadcast thousands of times too most object for a eyes to handle.

Instead, they suggested people to obtain special obscure eyeglasses from a American Astronomical Society (AAS)’s list of Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters Viewers.