Amanda Bynes Calls Out Fake Imposter Accounts Encouraging Fans To Send Money & Twitter/Instagram For Doing NOTHING About It!

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If we suspicion feign news was a problem, Amanda Bynes wants we to know that feign amicable media accounts are also an unbeatable epidemic.

The former Nickelodeon star has sent mixed authorised letters to Twitter and Instagram perfectionist they close down accounts that burlesque a singer and inspire fans to send “Amanda” money!

Tamar Arminak, Amanda’s attorney, tells TMZ they’ve been fighting Twitter for years to close down a comment @persianLA27, that frequently tells a over 24,000 supporters that “Amanda” is brief on income she needs to buy medications.

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The other imposter, @alb4386, recently wrote an Instagram post claiming she’s $63 brief from shopping meds and needs fans to Venmo her some-more money.

The genuine Amanda has been revelation her supporters not to trust a imposters, job out a feign accounts on her accurate account. She’s tweeted over a past few years:

Ugh. So frustrating!

Unlike a fakes have been claiming she’s pennyless and pregnant, Amanda is doing financially good and abounding in conform school.

Her attorney, who thinks a same chairman is behind both fakes, says Twitter told them a comment is a satire and therefore doesn’t violate rules. Instagram allegedly told Tamar that it doesn’t violate their process either.

Uh… a feign comment seeking fans for income is no satire — that’s an tangible scam. Why are a amicable sites permitting this to happen? Hasn’t Amanda suffered enough!?

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