Alton Brown’s Mysterious Announcement Will Make You Giddy With Excitement

A print posted by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on Oct 9, 2016 during 12:47pm PDT

Alton Brown’s adore of coffee runs deep, and he only competence be opening his possess coffee emporium to infer it. A proprietor of Marietta, GA, Alton thinks a city could advantage from a new coffee joint. He tweeted, “Hey #Marietta…we need a new coffee emporium and we consider I’m only a male to open it” on Jan. 29. Naturally, fans were immediately intrigued and vehement to learn some-more sum — is Alton indeed critical about opening his possess spot?

Eater Atlanta reached out to Alton for comment, and if Alton’s response is any denote of how this thought will vessel out, we’re in for a provide . . . maybe. “It is my goal to open a coffee emporium in Marietta, GA, yet I’m not during a indicate where we can recover any details,” Alton told Eater Atlanta in an email. “I can tell we this — no, no, I’ve pronounced too most already.” Classic. Here’s anticipating we’ll shortly be means to splash one of Alton’s favorite coffee beverages — a cortado — done by a male himself.