Alonso ‘has no goal of withdrawal F1’

Fernando ALonso

Fernando Alonso managed some-more than 100 laps in a McLaren on day dual of contrast in Barcelona

Fernando Alonso pronounced he has no goal of withdrawal McLaren or Formula 1 before his agreement ends in 2017.

His destiny has been a theme of conjecture after McLaren trainer Ron Dennis pronounced final Nov that they had discussed a thought of a sabbatical.

After his initial exam in a new McLaren, Alonso pronounced he would “of course” see a deteriorate out, adding: “And a subsequent one.

“I have a agreement for 3 years. I’m not meditative about anything else.”

He added: “This is a really critical year for us.”

The 34-year-old two-time champion, who is still regarded by many as a best motorist in F1, indicated on Tuesday his wish for McLaren – and Honda – to spin their opening around after a formidable 2015 in that they finished ninth out of 10 teams.

“The aspiration is really high,” he said. “I am not here usually to transport around a universe and to burst in a automobile and have some fun on Sunday. we am here to win.”


Fernando Alonso started a day all smiles, though it shortly seemed that a McLaren competence still be good off a gait of a front runners

At a finish of 2014 Alonso quit Ferrari since he believed McLaren offering him a improved possibility of winning a third universe title. Ferrari’s lead motorist Sebastian Vettel was fastest for a second day using on Tuesday during pre-season contrast in Barcelona.

Alonso finished his initial day in a 2016 automobile eighth fastest, 3.2 seconds off a pace, though 0.7secs quicker than team-mate Jenson Button had been on Monday.

The McLaren ran reliably – Alonso did a homogeneous of a competition stretch in a morning event and managed good over 100 laps for a day.

Honda, that announced a new conduct of a F1 programme on Tuesday, has, according to Button, bound one of a biggest issues with a engine – a debility in deploying recovered electrical energy.

However, a engine is still believed to be a poignant domain – maybe as many as 100bhp – down on a standard-setting Mercedes in terms of comprehensive performance.

Honda has a new engine for subsequent week’s second and final test.

Alonso pronounced McLaren-Honda indispensable to “improve all areas of a car” though pronounced he believed a group could have a best framework by a start of a European races in May.

However, he pronounced he believed Mercedes’ mastery of F1 “had not finished”.

Testing day dual – who was fastest and what does it mean?


For a second day in period Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was fasted in testing

Vettel set a gait 0.715 seconds quicker than Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, as both drivers became a initial to use a new ultra-soft tyre introduced for behind marks this year.

Force India’s Sergio Perez was third fastest on a super-soft tyre and Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg fourth on a middle tyre.

Rosberg was dual seconds off Vettel though Mercedes had an considerable day.

Don’t trust a times

Rosberg finished some-more laps than anyone else – as did team-mate Lewis Hamilton on a initial day of a exam on Monday – and holding into comment a differences between a tyres, universe champions Mercedes still seem to have a really clever car.


Nico Rosberg had an considerable day of testing, completing a many laps, notwithstanding usually posting a fourth-fastest time of a day

The ultra-soft tyre is designed for low-grip behind tracks, not Barcelona, where a prolonged corners and disintegrating surfaces are tough on tyres. But it is many softer and would yield improved hold and therefore larger speed over a brief distance.

Tyre retailer Pirelli estimates a lap-time disproportion between a ultra-soft and a middle during 1.8-2.3secs, formed on initial data.

Pirelli also pronounced it believed a disproportion between a middle and super-soft was about 1.4-1.5secs – and Rosberg was usually 1.2secs slower on middle tyres than Vettel’s best time on a super-softs.

On a face of it, that competence advise Mercedes still had a tiny advantage over Ferrari.

However, a times are not indispensably directly allied – even holding a tyres into comment – since a teams do not exhibit a fuel loads a cars are carrying – and 10kg of fuel is homogeneous to scarcely 0.4secs a path during Barcelona.

What can be pronounced is that a Mercedes ran reliably and constructed consistently considerable path times over all a runs. Rosberg ran a conspicuous 172 laps to supplement to a 156 finished by Hamilton on Monday.

Vettel pronounced he was “fairly happy” with a opening of a Ferrari – that is a many some-more radical pattern depart from final year’s automobile than a Mercedes.

However, Ferrari are a ones with all a work to do – Mercedes had an normal advantage of 0.6secs a path in subordinate final year.

Vettel brought a event to a somewhat beforehand finish when his automobile stopped out on lane with 5 mins to go, causing a red flag.

Among a rest of a field, a new Haas group impressed, with Mexican Esteban Gutierrez environment a sixth fastest time after a behind start since a automobile indispensable a front wing strengthened after a disaster on Monday.


Despite some technical difficulties, Esteban Guitierrez was sixth fastest on a second day of contrast in Barcelona