Alleged Rape Details Surface As Nelly’s Lawyer Releases A New Statement Proclaiming Innocence

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The allegations surrounding Nelly are removing some-more and some-more argumentative by any flitting day…

Now, we are training some-more about the lady who came brazen and indicted him in a initial place: a 21-year-old from Seattle who met a rapper during a bar after his Friday night unison in Washington, and after went to his debate train after they partied together.

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Apparently, after a lady was invited onto a bus, she was in Nelly’s room when he attempted to have sex with her — to her objection.

She pronounced no, and he allegedly responded with observant “shut up,” revelation her he wanted to have sex though a condom.

She objected to that too, though she alleges that he did a help anyways — and after he was done, Nelly offering her money.

The lady incited him down, though a rapper is purported to have thrown $100 during her, and told her “you gotta go,” as he booted her off a debate bus. Whoa.

Of course, that’s not during all how Nelly’s stay is saying a events of Friday night.

The rapper’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, had a really charged matter for TMZ in response:

“It does not warn me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a chairman with an bulletin and clearly she has one. The bulletin is money, celebrity and prominence … we will be means to uncover by design justification and unprejudiced witnesses that she has 0 credibility. She’s a chairman who is creation a dangerous, fake claim to accomplish her possess goals.”

Their stay is going to go after her flattering hard, we’d guess.

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Still, this is a critical allegation, and it’s not going to only go divided though a consummate review by law enforcement.

Scary stuff.


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