ALL Of Twitter Is Defending Bruno Mars Amid ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Critique! See The Strongest Responses!

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You might have listened Bruno Mars was indicted of informative allowance yesterday.

No, it wasn’t for something he chose to wear or contend this week; it was for, well, being Bruno Mars.

In a review on YouTube uncover The Grapevine, a 24K Magic thespian was called a enlightenment vulture who “plays adult his secular ambiguity to be means to do cross-genre.”

Video: Cardi B And Bruno Mars Show A Little Bit Of Finesse At Grammys!

So… what genre of song do they consider he should be “allowed” to perform? Hmm…

The argumentative convo done Twitter raze — in Mars’ defense!

See all a appreciation, evidence, and annoyance on #TeamBruno (below)!

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