Ali Abbas Zafar on Salman Khan: Presenting him differently each time is a challenge

salman khansalman khan Ali Abbas Zafar will proceed Salman Khan for a third time in Bharat.

After Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai, Bollywood executive Ali Abbas Zafar is set to work with Salman Khan again in Bharat. He says presenting him differently in each plan is a challenge.

In Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai, Zafar managed to uncover Salman as a prime wrestler and a RAW agent.

Asked how does he proceed a luminary and mangle his on-screen image, a executive told IANS, “It is an engaging routine to try and a plea stays how to benefaction him differently.”

“I cruise it all starts with a book and a approach we write a story. We always wish to be certain not to repeat what he has already played on-screen and how differently we can plan a character. Sultan was a really opposite story from Tiger Zinda Hai.”

He forked out how Sultan saw Salman letter an romantic masculine who had mislaid everything, though in Tiger Zinda Hai, he is seen doing something for a good in a predicament situation.

“Salman is a quintessential favourite and he has star power. His fans wish to see him in a certain way. we had to do probity to both – that is because Salman fans desired both a movies.”

Does a actor’s incomparable than life picture emanate any reduction for a executive to examination with his character?

Zafar said, “No, we have to cruise a story and know if he fits in a story. The doubt is, ‘Is this a right story for Salman Khan to do?’ Because all starts with a essay process.”

Zafar is collaborating with Salman for a third time with his arriving film Bharat. He knows expectations are high.

“I know that after dual back-to-back hits with him, people have outrageous expectations. we know we have to broach a best, that there is a challenge, a vigour that we am feeling already.”

“The film is in essay routine and it is too early to give out some-more sum on it. Hopefully, people will like a story.”

Whether it is a loud-natured outspoken Dimple in his entrance film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, wrestling champion Aarfa Hussain in Sultan and Zoya, a Pakistani view who is concerned in hand-to-hand fight opposite terrorists to mount for assent in Tiger Zinda Hai — Zafar has always presented women with clever characters in all his films.

On that, he said, “Well, we cruise women are strong, and we are a nation of strong, absolute women. We applaud it.”

“I have grown adult among clever women in my house, starting from my mother. So we see no reason for raised them another way. And when we am essay a story of Tiger, we compensate equal courtesy to a womanlike impression so that a masculine reflection does not dwarf her.”

“When people come out of a entertainment after examination a film, they should feel that it was not only a Salman Khan film. It is a film for Katrina Kaif too.”

Tiger Zinda Hai will be shown on radio on Sunday on Sony Max.

Asked about his expectancy from a TV audience, Zafar said, “Though a film has finished good business during a box office, we know it for a fact that a film is nonetheless to strech many people.

“With television, it will strech out to each household. So, a viewership bottom is going to boost a lot. So, it is really sparkling for us.”

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