Alex Rodriguez Was Caught With A Notebook That Read ‘Child: Birth Control, Baby, Pull Out Stuff’

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Maybe he needs to brush adult on his sex ed??

Although Alex Rodriguez is a father of dual children (and is famous around city as an barbarous womanizer), he apparently doesn’t know how babies are made.

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On Thursday, Fox Sports posted a (above) pic of A-Rod looking by a cover during a ball stadium. While many would assume he wrote down records about a game, a closer demeanour during a snap says otherwise.

When fans zoomed in on a athlete’s handwriting, they saw:

“Child: Birth Control, Baby, Pull Out Stuff”

As seen below:

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The pic has given been deleted, and A-Rod has nonetheless to recover a matter per a essence of his notebook.

Jennifer Lopez, we competence need to tell your male about a birds and a bees!

[Image around Fox Sports/Twitter.]

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