Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Get in Some ‘Alone Time’ Before a Arrival of Baby No. 4

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin will shortly have their hands even some-more full when their fourth child creates his debut, though they’re still prioritizing their romance.

The spouses can be seen pity an welcome in a photograph a mom-to-be common to Instagram Sunday, posting a intense heading to accompany the sweet moment.

“Alone time before series 4 comes … Alec always tells me that no matter how many kids we have and that we are ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ I’ll always be his girlfriend,” writes Hilaria, 34, whose baby strike is manifest underneath a multicolored maxi dress from A Pea in a Pod ($128).

“We unequivocally work tough to say this,” combined a yoga instructor, seeking her followers, “How do we feel about this in your possess relationships? #WeGotThis2018

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While Hilaria and Alec, 60, make certain to put in a time and bid when it comes to their relationship, it doesn’t meant their fastening activities have to engage anything over a top.

“Most nights, we have date night, that could meant we’re doing a puzzle,” Hilaria told PEOPLE in March. “On Valentine’s Day, we systematic takeout.”

And a fourth-time mom-to-be credited her father with assisting them keep a hint alive, divulgence of how she appreciates his effort, “I’m a kind of chairman where we could get so wrapped adult in my kids and we could remove my attribute a small bit and only assume, ‘Don’t you adore doing this too? Isn’t this so most fun?’ ”

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Although Hilaria has motherhood flattering down pat — she and Alec share daughter Carmen Gabriela, 4½, and sons Leonardo “Leo” Ángel Charles, 18 months, and Rafael Thomas, 2½, with another baby child on a way — she still has her reservations.

“Carmen did all with us. Then when Rafael was born, things got complicated,” she told Parents for their May cover story, in that she acted with all 3 of her kids.

“And when Leonardo was born, we had a impulse of ‘What have we done?’ panic! There were tears,” Hilaria admitted. “But afterwards we kind of lived it, and it all came together.”