Ahluwalia’s feet always on a pedal

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Ahluwalia convene driver, Arunachal Pradesh rally, Ajay Kumar, Indian ExpressAmanpreet Ahluwalia, Ahluwalia convene driver, Arunachal Pradesh rally, Ajay Kumar, Indian Express National autocross champ Ahluwalia.

Sitting in his air-conditioned Noida office, unaware a really bustling garage, Amanpreet Ahluwalia, 40, can be simply mistaken for a businessman with a 9 to 5 schedule. But being a country’s tip convene motorist creates Ahluwalia really many an outside person. Just final month, he was pushing around a scenic panorama in Arunachal Pradesh during breakneck speed, an bid that got him a lectern finish during a JK Tyre Arunachal Festival of Speed.

When not racing cars, he is beautifying them and after offered them for a neat profit. Ahluwalia started his automobile makeover venture, Auto Attitudes, in 2009. He sources cars from Army auctions and creates them road-fit. And for a name customers: convene -fit

At a Arunachal event, his 1300cc turbo-charged Maruti Gypsy was positively a best. He done his approach by a wily foe routes with his navigator Ajay Kumar.

Ahluwalia is so ardent about a foe that he competed in a foe even on his marriage day. But he admits such a passion comes during a cost. It’s an costly foe where financial gains are modest. Drivers finish adult spending some-more than a foe esteem money. “For me, it’s not about income anymore. we see it as passion and business. we go to races, people enquire about my car,” he said.

His convene cars are so renouned that he ends adult racing opposite his possess machines during many races. “Even in Arunachal, a lot of drivers used a cars. There were some internal drivers who done enquiries ,” pronounced a stream inhabitant autocross champion. So does he safeguard his automobile stays a cut above? “Yes, of course,” he jokes.

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