After plume eyebrows, dragon brows are Instagram’s latest conform art craze

Dragon brows have taken over plume eyebrows and spiny handle eyebrows now. (Source: Instagram/harlibi)

A integrate of weeks back, Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen caused a stir on amicable media with her plume brows experiment. It concerned interruption a eyebrows and splaying a hair into a feather-like shape, slicking it into place with Vaseline. Soon after, make-up artist Athena Paginton introduced a universe to spiny handle brow trend and as a name suggests, it concerned styling a eyebrows in a character of a spiny wire.

Now, a new trend dubbed ‘dragon brows’ is moving beauty lovers on Instagram. This 23-year-old make-up artist from Oregon who goes by a name Harlibi on Instagram is a reason behind it. She came adult with this thought when she was personification Skyrim, a fabulous Xbox diversion and a spines of a dragons in a diversion gave her a thought to spike her brows.

Harlibi was desirous to examination after saying a new plume and spiny handle trends. The demeanour involves delicately moulding a brow into 6 small triangles, regulating a spoolie or a brush and bound into place with eyelash gel, so that it gives a coming of spikes only like on a fabulous creature’s back.

She common a post on Instagram with a caption, “This is a uncanny brow demeanour we did today. The eyelashes are by @elfcosmetics and they were a finish disaster – we really won’t be purchasing these again though we was too idle to change them today. we was desirous to do another fun, uncanny brow demeanour after being desirous by a new creations of ***If we don’t like this look, that’s totally fine. It was a fun artsy-fartsy demeanour so don’t get your panties in a wad”

It has garnered over 6,000 likes. Surprisingly, she has been doing make-up dexterity for reduction than 3 weeks.

Here are a few other dragon brow looks.

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