Advait Chauhan spills a beans on Aamir Khan’s shade exam as Shakti Kumaarr for Secret Superstar

advait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstaradvait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstar Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is like a dream-come-true for debutant executive Advait Chauhan.

Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim’s Secret Superstar is destined by debutant executive Advait Chauan. In an disdainful discuss with, Advait, who has formerly worked as Aamir’s manager for roughly 5 years, reveals some fun stories from a sets about operative with Aamir and Zaira in a ability of a director.

Secret Superstar is like a dream-come-true for Advait, and that is given he enjoyed himself each day on a shoot. He shares how he, being a hardcore Aamir fan even from his younger days, came adult with a musty impression of Shakti Kumaarr and moreover, how he assured Aamir to do a role.

So, how was it traffic with Aamir — initial as a manager, afterwards as a director? Advait says, “Actually, both a times, it was so easy to understanding with him given Aamir is such an easy person. He is so straightforward, so no-nonsense, treats everybody like an equal. He is so peaceful and so kind. That indeed either we are handling him, we are directing him, or we are his co-actor, it feels like he is creation everybody so comfortable. And given he is like that, it becomes easy to approach or conduct him. He is a unequivocally relaxed, easy, cold out person.”

advait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstar

advait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstar

Though Aamir appears usually in an extended cameo in Secret Superstar, his impression Shakti Kumaarr is not one that can be simply forgotten. Contrary to a roles we have seen Aamir letter in a new past, Shakti is a equivocal inexpensive and flirtatious song executive wearing parsimonious adorned t-shirts and sporting blonde highlights. He is certain to remind we of a days Aamir used to do quirky, Bombay tapori characters like a ones in Rangeela, Mela and Ghulam. And in a chat, Advait talks about how this impression came into being. How Advait used to be a fan of a ‘tedha’ Aamir Khan characters and wanted to move that behind on screen.

He remarks, “To be honest, we had created a partial gripping Aamir in mind, like his discourse smoothness and everything. we have grown adult examination all of Aamir’s progressing films like Rangeela, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Andaz Ka Aapna, and they all have a somewhat ‘Bombay Tapori’ peculiarity to them. Something that Aamir used to do earlier, they are not ‘doodh ka dhula’, they are somewhat ‘tedha’, somewhat like ‘teekha.’ And as an Aamir Khan fan, we unequivocally suffer examination that colour on him. So we wanted to emanate a impression who is totally ‘tedha’ given we wanted to watch him like that. we had created Shakti for him though we was frightened to representation it to him. So initial we done certain that he likes a script, that he signs me as a director, afterwards we suggested that he do a part.”

So, wasn’t it formidable convincing Aamir do a freaky impression like this? Advait tells us how Aamir’s initial greeting was ,”Let’s do an audition!” He adds, “So, my really initial film and we auditioned him and we saw in a exam that he was not unfortunate a change of a film during all, afterwards after a test, he pronounced yes. It was not really formidable to remonstrate him though we had to go by a test.”

Sounds like a exam itself was formidable for Advait, though not utterly so. Turns out, a exam has turn one of a many loving memories for him from a shoot. Here’s what he said, “It was so many fun, we can’t tell you. We were sitting in a room and a partner who was holding a camera was shouting aloud means it was so funny. Really fun knowledge doing that. So Aamir was doing a stage and given we hadn’t found Zaira by then, Mansoor Khan’s daughter (Zayn) was reading a lines with him. we was sitting there, we had an AD and Kiran Ma’am was there and all of us were only shouting loudly. It was so humorous to see him contend these lines. Because they are not in Aamir Sir’s character. In personal life, he is not like, he doesn’t speak like that, act like that. It was all a some-more funnier given it was an endowment duty scene, a one in a trailer.”

advait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstar

advait chauhan, aamir khan, aamir khan tip superstar, tip superstar

Sharing another humorous version from a sets, Advait also tells how finalizing Aamir’s musty demeanour in a film was another eager task, for him particularly. He quips, “We were perplexing to find a demeanour for Aamir’s impression and we wanted a uncanny brave on him. And Aamir Sir done them examination and discipline all those beards on me, so each day we would have a opposite beard. Thankfully, he didn’t try a blonde streaks with me.”

Considering a kind of luminosity that Aamir as an actor brings to a screen, it could get flattering formidable to expel someone like him in a ancillary role. But Advait feels that Aamir is a ideal chairman to do that given he always keeps a story/film above him. He says, “Frankly, Aamir Sir is somebody who as an actor, either or not he is a lead, puts a film above him. He puts a story above him. As can be seen in all of his work, be it Taare Zameen Par or 3 Idiots. The story is what takes inflection with him.”

Backed by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, Secret Superstar releases on Oct 19.

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