Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus Jokingly Hope His Daughter Doesn’t Become a ‘Mini Miley’

Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus both wish a Maroon 5 frontman doesn’t have a “mini Miley” on his hands.

Although Levine and mother Behati Prinsloo’s daughter Dusty Rose only distinguished her first birthday in September, The Voice costars concluded during an talk with PEOPLE that a 14-month-old already had a few things in common with Cyrus.

“Me and Dusty have [a] unequivocally identical conform clarity and hair color, that we beheld today,” a Younger Now thespian remarked.

“You do! The golden-ish blond-ish brown,” Levine replied.

But asked either he suspicion his daughter would ever grow adult to be “a mini Miley,” Cyrus told Levine to “cross your fingers and wish to God that is not true!”

Levine however, laughed during a idea, before adding that Dusty is already “very bossy.”

“Call my father and ask him what it’s like to have a Miley of your own. He’s gonna contend ‘See these wrinkles on my forehead? These weren’t here until 1992,’” Cyrus added.

“Somebody get me a Red Bull!” Levine replied as he detonate into a Billy Ray Cyrus impression.

“Somebody get me a Red Bull and a dash of vodka, though don’t tell mama!” Cyrus added.

The Voice stars also discussed their holiday traditions — or miss thereof.

“He has a small baby so it’s some-more fun,” Cyrus told PEOPLE. “My brothers and sisters are comparison so they don’t unequivocally caring about presents as most anymore. It’s only about spending time together, so fundamentally we only spoil all a small nieces.”

Cyrus also combined that after Dusty was born, she got her costar’s baby a mini umbrella.

“If it ever rains again, she can use it,” Levine said.

Laughing, Cyrus replied, “I know, when it rains. We’re behind in a drought.”

“She’s still waiting. She’s got her umbrella,” he added.

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Levine, who’s now awaiting his second child — another girl — with his mother in February, also discussed how prepared he felt to have another daughter.

“Oh yeah, I’m pumped for a army of women to assistance lead a revolution,” he said. “Era of a female! we got dual soldiers, I’m bringing ’em up. Raisin’ ’em right. They’re gonna f— y’all up,” he joked.

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