Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Puts Massachusetts Authorities On Blast For The Way They Handled The Athlete’s Suicide

aaron hernandez counsel calls out authorities

Aaron Hernandez‘s counsel is job people out.

On Thursday, a Massachusetts State Police released an inquisitive news in sequence to set a record true about what happened a day a scandalized NFL star committed suicide. Ever given it was suggested that a former New England Patriots parsimonious finish killed himself in jail on Apr 19, there has been a lot of opposing reports about his passing.

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While a news disproved some of a rumors, it did endorse that Aaron had created Bible hymn John 3:16 in ink on his front and in blood in his jail cell. Intense stuff.

Not to mention, a toxicology news valid a American contestant did NOT have drugs in his complement during a time of his death. This refurbish contradicts a prior news that claims Hernandez had used fake pot hours before murdering himself.

And while this news positively clarifies a few things, Aaron’s counsel Jose Baez is not confident with a approach a authorities rubbed a investigation. In a new statement, a profession noted:

“Now that a state authorities have finished and sealed their review into a genocide of Aaron, we owe it Aaron and his family to control a consummate and eccentric review into this comfortless death.”

Obviously, Mr. Baez didn’t stop there as he savagely continued:

“The sum miss of professionalism exhibited by supervision officials and their employees during this whole routine is unprecedented. The infancy of information contained in these reports was leaked to a press during a march of a investigation. The family … schooled by a countless press reports, citing unnamed supervision sources or those tighten to a investigation, of a sum of Aaron’s death. The family members were victims in this matter and deserved improved diagnosis by a Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

Damn. And it appears as yet a late football star’s counsel isn’t messing around as he vowed to get a best “investigators and debate experts available” to demeanour into a comfortless case. Also, Jose warned officials with skeleton to criticise their eccentric review that they won’t be “tolerated.”

He added:

“Any central who attempts to meddle or stop a review by refusing to concede entrance to a justification surrounding this matter will not be tolerated. We will use any and all of a authorised collection during a ordering to display and forestall any such interference.”

We’re certain some Massachusetts officials are sweating right about now

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