Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Is Breaking Her Silence On Dr. Phil Following The Athlete’s Suicide

Dr. Phil

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is vocalization out.

In a new talk with Dr. Phil airing subsequent week, Aaron Hernandez‘s fiancée opens adult about all from a athlete’s suicide, her final review with him, rumors about his tip regretful life, and if she thinks he was encouraged by money to kill himself.

Considering the uncertainties surrounding a case, we’re astounded she’s attack a daytime TV stage so fast!

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In a two-part lay down airing subsequent Monday and Tuesday, Shay insists she did not see signs of Aaron’s suicidal thoughts — generally in light of their final review together:

“I felt like we were looking so bright. We were going adult a ladder to a certain direction.”

In fact, she suspicion it was a “cruel” fun when she perceived a call that a father of her four-year-old daughter had hung himself in his jail dungeon final month:

“I suspicion it was a hoax, that this was some vicious chairman personification a pretence on me.”

It’s also betrothed that Dr. Phil will ask a doubt everyone’s wanting a answer to:

“Did he kill himself so that we could collect $6.5 million?”

Should be interesting!! Stay tuned.

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