Aamir Khan opens adult about his initial love, says fell in adore during a age of 10

aamir khan on valentine day loveaamir khan on valentine day love Aamir Khan says he was never propitious in love.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan non-stop adult to his fans about his “pehla nasha” — his initial adore — on Valentine’s Day. He says he initial fell in adore when he was all of 10 though it was “unrequited”.

Aamir was celebrating a day of adore by listening to his “favourite” regretful series “Pehla nasha” from a film “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar”. Later, he came adult with a video on his initial brush with love.

“Believe it or not, we fell in adore for a initial time when we was 10 years old… Very few people know this. we had assimilated tennis coaching and there was a organisation of 40-50 children there. There was a lady who was a partial of it, and we was dumbfounded to see her. It was ‘pehla nasha’ when we initial saw her.

“I fell conduct over heels in adore with her and was totally besotted by her. we used to consider of her day and night. But we never mustered a bravery to demonstrate my feelings to her. we was too immature and she was of a same age. She was beautiful.”

He said, however, that in between all this, he softened during tennis.

“I used to use a lot since we used to come initial and go last. we wanted to stir her also. But after one year or so, her family left a city. It was unrequited love… Silent adore that could never get fulfilled. we could never even contend it.

“The engaging thing is when two, 3 times we fell in love, it was always unrequited love. we was never propitious in love. But now we am,” pronounced Aamir, who is married to executive Kiran Rao.

Aamir pronounced he has a special tension in his heart for lovers who tumble in adore though they don’t get a adore they want.

“I wish there’s adore and complacency in your life,” he wished his fans.

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