A Republican Senator Just Absolutely DEMOLISHED Donald Trump On Twitter — OH. MY. GOD.

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Holy smokes.

Senator Bob Corker — a Republican from Tennessee — is NOT fucking around.

The GOP Senator was a aim of Donald Trump‘s annoy on Twitter this morning, and in response, a Tennessee politician positively DEMOLISHED Trump.

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So, here’s how it started. Corker announced a few days behind that he’s not going to run for re-election when his tenure is up.

A GOP Senator in a GOP state only adult and walking divided is a large deal, and it came as a large warn to a Republicans, though during slightest for a while nobody lashed out during Corker or anything.

Well, that all altered this morning, when Trump went and did this (below):

Oh boy… here we go.

Luckily, Corker responded in precisely a right approach (below):


Somebody uncover a GIF again!!!

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Trump, what a FUCK man?!

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Also, for those of we during home… Trump’s claims that Corker ‘begged’ for an endorsement, and ‘wanted’ to be Secretary of State? Yeah, both of those claims are FALSE. Trump is a liar!

But severely — Trump only got owned online.


Just like he got owned yesterday, too!

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