‘A Mom’s Worst Nightmare’: New Reality Show Chronicles 3 Pregnant Teens — and a Teen Mothers Who Raised Them


Statistically, children of teen moms are some-more expected to turn teen relatives themselves — and TLC is exploring this materialisation in a code new existence show, Unexpected.

PEOPLE can exclusively announce that a network is premiering a new six-episode array subsequent month, following a lives of 3 profound teenagers who are all a children of teen mothers themselves — and in one instance, a grandchild of a teen mom, imprinting 3 generations of teen pregnancy in one family.

In a disdainful trailer above, viewers are introduced to Lilly, 16, McKayla, 16, and Lexus, 15.

“No one ever told me that it was so easy to get pregnant,” says Lilly, who usually started dating James a few months before she got pregnant, withdrawal her family to advise her that “not each father sticks around.”

“It’s not what a mom wants for her daughter — nobody wants this,” Lilly’s mom says. “It’s flattering most a mom’s misfortune nightmare.”

McKayla, who was raised by her grandparents given her teenage mom Shannon was mostly absent during her childhood, is prepping for promenade with a soon-to-be father of her child. But she’s also operative on reestablishing a attribute with her mother, who now wants to be a bigger partial of her life in a few weeks before a baby arrives.

“I found out McKayla was profound by text,” Shannon says. “I unequivocally wasn’t surprised.”

Lexus, whose grandmother and mother, Kelsey, were both teen moms, is gearing adult to acquire a child with her boyfriend Shayden — though Kelsey is puzzled they’re prepared for a outrageous shortcoming that is parenthood.

“I never suspicion I’d be here, with my daughter being 15 and pregnant,” Kelsey, 31, admits in a trailer.

With Unexpected, TLC is working in partnership with a National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy in a hopes of sparking suggestive conversations about random pregnancies.

According to a National Campaign, teen and random pregnancy have forsaken by some-more than half given a early 1990s, though scarcely one in 4 girls will get profound by age 20, and children of teen moms are some-more expected to turn teen relatives themselves. Visit TLC.com/Unexpected for some-more resources.

Unexpected premieres Nov. 12 during 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

In allege of a array premiere, TLC GO will debut Unexpected: Baby Bumps on Nov. 5, a four-episode digital array introducing Lilly, McKayla and Lexus. Download the TLC GO app to watch and to see a deteriorate premiere of Unexpected before it front on TV.