A Brief History of a Best Cookie of All Time, Thin Mints

It’s a many smashing time of a year: Girl Scout Cookie season. While you’re hoarding boxes on boxes of a best ones (Thin Mints, of course), because not take a mangle to review a brief story of a insanely addictive, crunchy, mint-chocolate dessert? You’ll learn some fun contribution about a dear cookies, and afterwards we can get behind to eating them.

  1. The initial famous record of a Girl Scout Cookies accumulation of a chocolate packet cookie seemed in 1939.
  2. The name has altered over a years — they were initial called Cooky Mints!
  3. In 1951, a name altered to Chocolate Mints.
  4. They weren’t called Thin Mints until 1963.
  5. Thin Mints were a bestseller as early as a ’60s. Other bestsellers enclosed Shortbread and Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies.