’90s Kids, Get Excited For a Possible Hi-C Revival

If we were a child in a ’90s, we were substantially sipping on Hi-C Ecto Cooler during lunch and after school. Ecto Cooler initial came out in a late 1980s as a tie-in to a Ghostbusters charcterised series. And now, we competence be means to get your hands on that green, citrusy integrity once again.

We haven’t seen a childhood favorite given 2001 when it discontinued, though Twitter comment Resurrect EctoCooler mentions a can of a “product representation of a 2016 revival” for sale on eBay.

Although it appears that a representation is no longer accessible for auction, several other collectible cans (that we substantially shouldn’t drink) are being sold, including one for $233.

No plain news about a drink’s ostensible “revival” has been heard, though a conjecture is adequate to get us all hyped! Let us know next what we consider of Ecto Cooler’s probable return.

Do we wish Hi-C Ecto Cooler to come back?