5 film roles customarily Rajkummar Rao could lift off with his ideal brilliance

Rajkummar Rao is a benefaction from a star to Bollywood. Nope. We are not exaggerating. There is no proceed that B-Town would have bagged Rajkummar unless a whole star conspired to get him to us. The talented-versatile actor celebrates his 33rd birthday today, and we can’t send adequate hugs and kisses his way. But we certain can pronounce about his best roles to date.  Rajkummar is an maze in himself. He has played roles that no other Bollywood actor would have dared to take up. From a hexed deadbeat dear to a organisation workman holding selecting calling in a Maoist likely area; a masculine has played roles with apex conviction.

Here are a 5 favourite cinema of Rajkummar Rao that no one else could have finished better:


The masculine played a purpose of a masculine trapped in a boring of a Mumbai high rise. Rajkummar went by infinite turn for this role. Seriously, who else can we suspect doing this purpose yet Rajkummar?



And once again, a actor showed us a side of his working skills that left us in mystification of him. Not that anyone could have finished this purpose better, yet we definitely don’t cruise any of them would have been brave adequate to collect it up, in a initial place. Which Bollywood actor would wish to play a publisher aiding a happy university high-brow in a argumentative film? No one yet Rajkummar.


Bareilly Ki Barfi

The transition between a twin characters he plays in a film is phenomenal. His switch between seedha saada masculine and gully ka goonda will have we bewildered. Many critics have lauded Rajkummar for his opening and have conspicuous that a film generally works given of his act.



The argumentative film, had Rajukummar Rao play the lawyer and tellurian rights regretful Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010 in Mumbai. It won Rajkummar a National Film Award for a Best actor. Need we contend more?


Raggini MMS

Now, now! Wait a second before we detonate a gun. You cunning cruise that this was a unequivocally campy film and so not Rajkumar. But it takes talent to play a inclination sense in a fear film and lift it off. The many comical scenes were courtsey Rajkummar Rao in this horrex.


Special mention: Queen wouldn’t have realised her self value if Rajkummar hadn’t played a miserly dear to her. Also, it isn’t easy to play a 324-year aged masculine in Raabta either. Just saying!

So, happy birthday Rajkummar. Keep shining!

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