5 Facts About Oreos That Will Make You Question Life Itself

You might adore Oreos, either dunked in milk, crumbled over ice cream, or crumbled into cake crust. Despite a immeasurable ways you’ve schooled to suffer a cream-filled sandwich cookie, have we ever stopped to consider about a abounding history? These fun contribution will concede we to see a cookies in a whole new light.

  1. The start of a name “Oreo” is unknown. Although, one Oreo exec says a name mimics a two O-shaped cookies that make a sandwich. Others claim a “re” comes from a “cream.”
  2. Oreos are a sum ripoff of Hydrox, a strange cream-filled chocolate cookie, that came out in 1908. Oreos weren’t expelled until 1912.
  3. Double-Stuf are indeed 1.86 times some-more stuffed than unchanging Oreos. Do we feel somewhat cheated?
  4. To date, Oreo has 41.8 million Facebooks followers. In comparison, The New York Times has 10.7 million.
  5. Oreo’s initial crazy season was Birthday Cake, expelled in 2012 for a centennial celebration. Since then, a association releases new flavors quarterly, though the favorites will always be cotton candy and marshmallow crispy.