3 Things You Never Knew About Whole Foods, Straight From an Employee

We’ve been longtime fans of Whole Foods Market, but it looks like there’s a lot more to know about the grocery store than its impressively tempting array of ready-made meals. A three-year Whole Foods employee recently did a Reddit AMA in which they answered other users’ burning questions about working at the supermarket. In the “Ask Me Anything” post, the employee gave some juicy details about the most pricey products, what happens to expired food, and how to get one of the stores in your area if you don’t have one nearby. Ahead, read the Whole Foods secrets you need to know.

Even the employees agree: the mochi bar is expensive.

When asked about which items might be overpriced, the employee said, “A lot of stores in my region are starting to get Mochi bars in their prepared food departments. I’m not so sure about it being overpriced but at the price per each they’re f*cking dangerous. Other than that some of our out of house candy is astronomical priced (fancy candied marshmallows for like $10 etc).”

Nearly expired foods aren’t thrown away — they’re donated to a good cause.

A curious Reddit user asked what happens to any products that aren’t sold by their sell-by date, and it looks like no trash cans are involved! “Products that hit the day before their sell-by date get donated to a local food bank. I’m not sure if this is company policy but it’s been the policy at all the stores I’ve been at,” the employee explained.

You can suggest a new Whole Foods location near you if there already isn’t one.

When another user asked how to get a Whole Foods market in their area, the store employee said there are a few factors to the process but that anyone can submit a request form. “It’s all based on target demographic areas. I’m not sure what the exact specifications are but I know it involves household growth, median income and some other factors like nearby colleges, etc. You can find more info here. There’s a request form for a new store on there as well,” the employee said.