23-Year-Old Man Arrested For Posing As A High School Student Since 2012! Read The Shocking Report!

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Asher Potts was one of a best and brightest students during John Harris High School.

The ROTC member served on a row during a Jan girl summit, met with lawmakers, and was a member of a National Honor Society with a 4.16 GPA!

But a indication tyro was literally too good to be loyal — given it turns out that a venerable teen is indeed a 23-year-old Ukrainian man!

Artur Samarin was arrested and is being charged with theft, temperament theft, and tampering with open annals — he is indicted of regulating a fake date of birth, amicable confidence card, and other documents.

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According to reports, Samarin insincere his new temperament after his visa lapsed and enrolled during a Harrisburg, PA high propagandize given a tumble of 2012 underneath a name Asher Potts (alas, he did not use a crafty anagram as his alias):

Harrisburg School District Public Relations Coordinator Kirsten Keys pronounced a district was holding a review “seriously,” releasing a statement:

“While we do not know all of a sum surrounding a arrest, we are treating this as a critical matter. At this time, a review is in a hands of a Harrisburg Bureau of Police. The district will continue to concur entirely with a military dialect as they pierce brazen with their investigation.”

While it’s frightful to consider that a whole propagandize had no thought who a imposter unequivocally was, we can’t assistance though consternation what Samarin was formulation on doing after he graduated this year?

After this, we assume he’ll be going to law propagandize — or during slightest get an adult tighten demeanour during a authorised complement — behind in a Ukraine.

[Image around Harrisburg Bureau of Police.]

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