’13 Reasons Why’ Officially Renewed for Season 2 during Netflix

It’s official: Netflix has greenlighted deteriorate dual of 13 Reasons Why.

The play will lapse for a sophomore run in 2018 and include of another 13 hourlong episodes, with Brian Yorkey staying on as showrunner, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Per Netflix’s central logline, deteriorate dual “picks adult in a issue of Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) genocide and a start of a characters’ difficult journeys toward recovering and recovery.”

The second deteriorate of 13 Reasons Why comes as small warn as THR reported a week and a half ago that a streaming hulk was impending a pickup. 

Additional sum about deteriorate dual were not immediately available. Among a biggest blazing questions is if star Langford will be behind and if so, in what capacity, given that a initial deteriorate revolved around Hannah and a 13 reasons that led to her suicide. For his part, Yorkey formerly told THR that structure of a array — weaving in stories told in flashback with a benefaction — would prove that Langford will indeed be back.

“Hannah’s story is still really many not finished,” he said. “She’s an constituent partial of whatever a subsequent section of a story is, and she’s really many still during a core of it.”

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is a latest watercooler hit. While a streamer, like competitors Amazon and Hulu, does not recover ratings information, a uncover cut by a cluttered scripted landscape with a striking and argumentative depiction of Hannah’s suicide. Although a series, constructed by Paramount Television, launched with warnings forward of episodes featuring self-murder and passionate abuse, Netflix recently addressed critique that it saved self-murder by adding additional warnings to a start of a show. (The deteriorate concludes with a special 30-minute PSA called Beyond a Reasons, that facilities producers including Selena Gomez as good as a cast, doctors, advocates and psychologists charity discernment on how to get assistance or support someone in need.)

For his part, Nic Sheff, who penned a part featuring Hannah’s suicide, defended 13 Reasons Why’s preference to underline such supportive content. “It overwhelmingly seems to me that a many insane thing we could’ve finished would have been not to uncover a genocide during all,” he wrote in a new guest column.

Critics, meanwhile, have been divided about 13 Reasons Why. THR‘s Daniel Fienberg called a show “sometimes tough to watch, though always rarely watchable.” More recently, however, a review has shifted to 13 reasons because there shouldn’t be a second season.

Dylan Minnette co-stars on a array formed on Jay Asher’s book of a same name.