’13 Cameras’ Trailer: The Worst Landlord Ever In Horror Pic From Gravitas & 79th& Broadway

Exclusive: Echoing a ongoing informative stress about determined notice along with sincerely paltry concerns about terrifying, abusive landlords, a fear pic 13 Cameras presents a many terrifying probable chronicle of a domestic side of a American dream. The story follows newlyweds Ryan and Claire, who pierce into a new residence opposite a country, usually to find out that their marital issues are a slightest of their problems. It seems their grave and lewd landlord has been espionage on them from day one. The misfortune renter/landlord brawl in story ensues, as we can see for yourself in this disdainful new trailer above.

13 Cameras done a dash final year on a genre festival circuit, personification Fantasia in Montreal and a UK’s Film4 Fright Fest, and Gravitas Ventures has currently announced merger of a film’s U.S. VOD rights. With melodramatic rights already acquired by writer Andrew outpost basement Houten’s 79th Broadway Releasing banner, 13 Cameras is removing a day and date recover commencement Apr 15.

Written and destined by Victor Zarcoff, it’s constructed by Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus, and by Jim Cummings, Ethan Rosenberg, Benjamin Weissner and Tony Yacenda. Jordan Rudman and Andrew outpost basement Houten executive constructed it. P.J. McCabe, Brianne Moncrief and Neville Archambault star.